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Blogs September 02, 2022 Real Estate Businesses Migrate to the Cloud Via CRM Implementation

New technologies in the real estate industry and updated marketing practices have upended many of the structural components of the real estate business. Switching to a cloud-based CRM can have huge positive implications.

Blogs August 23, 2022 Eight Tips for New Real Estate Fund Managers for Preparing an Efficient Audit

Learn eight best practices that real estate fund managers who are going through audits for the first time can use to make the audit process more efficient.

Blogs August 22, 2022 How PACE Funding Can Help Real Estate Companies Finance ESG and Sustainability Initiatives

How can Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE funding) can be used as a tool to enable building owners to borrow 100% of funding needed upfront to make a property more sustainable, efficient, and resilient.

Blogs July 14, 2022 State of the U.S. Property Market and Investing in a Turbulent World

A recap of remarks from David Bitner of Cushman & Wakefield on the current U.S. market and the trends in the real estate industry at EisnerAmper’s Real Estate Principals Luncheon.

Blogs June 13, 2022 What Every Management Company Owner Must Know About Surviving an Affordable Housing Compliance Audit

With the proper preparation and following a few key steps, you can avoid negative findings and have a successful, cost-efficient HUD audit.

Blogs June 03, 2022 Real Estate Analytics Is Evolving from “Location, Location, Location” to “Data, Data, Data”

Real estate investors have always known that data is a critical component of analyzing a property’s potential and risks. Today, emerging technologies enable investors to access local multiple listing services for available homes and use algorithms to…

Blogs May 26, 2022 Top Takeaways From the 2022 National Real Estate Women’s Forum

From real estate finance, diversity and inclusion, ESG, the great resignation, and the continued COVID-19 impact and response, EisnerAmper shares the top takeaways on key business trends, challenges, and opportunities within the real estate industry …

Blogs April 25, 2022 Office Risk is Increasing as Workers Continue to Prefer Remote Options

While we are far from understanding the share of workers that will ultimately return to the office either full-time or only a few days per week, some decline in office demand is likely in almost all markets. This post highlights the questions owners …

Blogs February 24, 2022 An Introduction to Affordable Housing for Developers

Affordable housing projects are highly regulated, and the process can feel complex. Learn how to get started and how advisors can help developers set their projects up for success and guide them through the process.