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Blogs January 15, 2020 Final Qualified Opportunity Zones/Funds Regulations Released by the Treasury Department and IRS

Final regs and FAQs were recently released on qualified opportunity zones (QOFs) and qualified opportunity zones (QOZs). This article is a discussion and reference to critical points, including what types of gains may be invested and when, when gains…

Blogs December 13, 2019 Where Is Retail Real Estate in the Cycle?

A discussion on the topic of, “Is retail real estate a dying industry?” Included were, despite challenges, it is not, along with suggestion for cyber-only retailers to increase their connection to consumers.

Blogs December 13, 2019 New Real Estate Fund Manager Conundrum: Joint Venture or Fund Partnership?

A detailed analysis of switching from a joint investment to a fund platform, including pros and cons, risks, regulatory concerns and more.

Blogs December 06, 2019 10 Tips for Your Upcoming Hospitality and Real Estate Audit

We offer these useful tips and best practices for the audit of a real estate or hospitality company. The tips center around preparation and communication between company employees and the audit team.

Blogs December 02, 2019 More Parks, Less Parking? Our Autonomous Vehicle Future

A discussion of what impact autonomous vehicles could have on the future of real estate and urban planning. Will the transition mean less parking space and more green or electric charging space?

Blogs November 25, 2019 IRS Clears the Way for REIT Merrymaking

Recent favorable IRS rulings regarding real estate investment trusts (REITs) holding holiday parties for tenants, without incurring impermissible tenant service income (ITSI) that could jeopardize REIT status.

Blogs November 15, 2019 QOF Update: Proposals on Opportunity Zone Reporting Requirements

Pending legislation that would create additional transparency and oversight of qualified opportunity funds (QOFs), which includes information required and penalties for non-compliance.

Blogs November 15, 2019 East Meets West at 5th Annual Real Estate Connect Summit

A discussion at the 5th annual East Meets West Real Estate Connect Summit on the differences and opportunities investing in Southeast Asia. A look at government regulation, land ownership, capital flow and market demographics.

Blogs November 12, 2019 Revised QOF Reporting Requirements You Need to Know

New compliance reporting guidelines for Qualified Opportunity Funds using Form 8996. The guiltiness center on employer ID number, the census tract of the tangible property, and value of the QOFs’ investments.