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Blogs April 25, 2022 Office Risk is Increasing as Workers Continue to Prefer Remote Options

While we are far from understanding the share of workers that will ultimately return to the office either full-time or only a few days per week, some decline in office demand is likely in almost all markets. This post highlights the questions owners …

Blogs February 24, 2022 An Introduction to Affordable Housing for Developers

Affordable housing projects are highly regulated, and the process can feel complex. Learn how to get started and how advisors can help developers set their projects up for success and guide them through the process.

Blogs February 21, 2022 Six Strategies to Help Real Estate Families Navigate Tough Decisions

Deciding when to buy, how long to hold, and when to sell family real estate investments can result in tough conversations among family members. Learn six strategies that can help develop a philosophy and shared plan for growing and create a method fo…

Blogs February 18, 2022 Bust to Boom – The Retail Resurgence

A recap of a recent event featuring discussion focused on the state of the retail industry and how emerging trends will impact real estate investment strategies.

Blogs February 02, 2022 Practical Tax Tips for Individuals Investing in Qualified Opportunity Funds

Summary of how qualified opportunity funds work when used as an alternative to a direct investment in a qualified opportunity zone property and practical tax tips for these investments.

Blogs January 03, 2022 A Guide to Claiming the Historic Tax Credit

The Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentive program is the largest federal program related to the rehabilitation and re-use of historic buildings. Every year, approximately 1,200 projects are approved, leveraging nearly $6 billion of private inve…

Blogs December 15, 2021 Inclusion & Innovation: Changing the Real Estate Landscape

A recap of the third in a series of webinars exploring strategies for improving housing inclusion through innovation, policy, and capital solutions.

Blogs November 02, 2021 Diversity in Commercial Real Estate—from the Perspective of Executives Who Are Women and People of Color

This post features a recap of the second webinar in our three-part series on diversity, equity and inclusion in commercial real estate.

Blogs August 30, 2021 Three Benefits to Outsourcing Real Estate Property Accounting

Outsourced cloud accounting can offer real estate organizations immediate and long-term financial and time savings and can support business initiatives by providing a consistent team of experts, support for specialized projects, and mitigate risk.