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Blogs March 25, 2021 Lisa Knee Goes to Commercial (Real Estate) on Bloomberg Radio

Lisa Knee discusses Commercial Real Estate and how office space in major cities was on the decline even before COVID-19 on Bloomberg Radio .

Blogs March 19, 2021 Strategic Real Estate Investments: Trends, Opportunities & Considerations

EisnerAmper recently hosted a panel discussion, “Strategic Real Estate Investments: Trends, Opportunities & Considerations,” that examined key influencers affecting the commercial real estate market, with a specific focus on SPACs and the hospitality…

Blogs February 04, 2021 Real Estate Principals Series – Economic Outlook 2021 for the San Francisco Bay Area, California

This post features a recap of a real estate economic forecast for the San Francisco Bay Area, presented by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute.

Blogs January 27, 2021 How You Use Your Vacation Home Makes a (Tax) Difference

It is important to understand the intricacies of using second home as a vacation property versus a rental property because it could have a significant impact on your tax bill.

Blogs January 15, 2021 Be on the Alert for IRS Inquiries Regarding QOF Investment

The IRS is strictly enforcing the above reporting requirements for qualified opportunity zones and qualified opportunity funds, including the proper filing of Forms 8996, 8997 and 8949.

Blogs January 13, 2021 The Potential for Increased Depreciation Expense for Residential Real Estate Owners

The 2020 Consolidated Appropriations Act could help the real estate sector by allowing certain assets that were previously depreciated over 40 years to be depreciated over 30 years.

Blogs January 06, 2021 Issues Impacting Local Real Estate

A recent roundtable of Bay Area real estate principals yielded an insightful discussion of current topics of focus. This article features coverage of discussion centered on the current tax environment and general business concerns.

Blogs October 05, 2020 GAAP vs. Tax: Considerations for Loan Reporting of Real Estate Entities

The pros and cons of GAAP versus the tax basis of accounting when entering into a loan agreement. For example, one key factor is the impact of net operating income on loan reporting.

Blogs August 07, 2020 Syndicated Conservation Easements Still a Priority for IRS

A discussion of the IRS treatment of syndicated conservation easements, including Oakbrook Land Holdings LLC v. Commissioner.