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Workday Adaptive Planning

Workday Adaptive Planning improves your financial planning and analysis processes.

We help growing companies and nonprofits take the next steps to plan smarter, report faster, and analyze better than they do today. 

EisnerAmper applies our best practices and implementation expertise to take the next steps in transforming Workday Adaptive Planning to meet your business needs now and in the future.   

Our knowledge transfer empowers you to own your solution moving forward. 

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About Workday Adaptive Planning

With Workday Adaptive Planning, you get the technology you need for continuous financial planning, forecasting, reporting, and analysis. And with EisnerAmper, you get an experienced team that can help you get the most out of your technology.


Foundation optimization to enhance analytics (M&A activity, ERP change)

  • Organization level, attributes, dimensions, dimension attributes, and rollup hierarchy 
  • General ledger (financial) chart of accounts and custom account (operational) with rollup hierarchy  
  • Metric (key performance indicator) accounts and calculations 
  • Versions, time strata, and currencies
  • Security enhancements including level or access rules


Enhance existing or establish new revenue, personnel/workforce, balance sheet, cash flow, operational, long-range, and other planning 

  • Driver-based planning sheets (standard, modeled or cube) including: dimensions, assumptions, formulas, version formulas, and/or links to accounts/levels 
  • Allocation rules definition including: source with allocate-out, target with allocate-in, allocate-out value formula, and allocate-in weight formula (including version scope and rule period) 

Data Management

Automated data flow from ERP, HCM, data warehouse, CRM or other operational sources 

  • Native cloud, CCDS, JDBC, or file-based definition, configuration, and walk-through 
  • Define end points including adaptive insights accounts, levels, and dimensions 
  • Define mapping considerations, and integration schedule 
  • Establish an automated integration from client-provided end points and mapping to adaptive insights standard sheet (monthly activity) and transaction detail 

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

Board books, active dashboards and self-service reporting  

  • Establish dashboards  
  • Establish management and financial reporting via Web Reporting and Office Connect  
  • Establish board reporting and board decks via Office Connect  

Knowledge Transfer and Deployment Support

Virtual walk-throughs, administration and model fundamentals, and other workshops 

  • Deployment and data migration assistance 
  • Knowledge transfer and walk-throughs (virtual) 
  • Administration and model fundamentals 
  • Web Reporting, Office Connect, Discovery, and other virtual workshops 

Our Structured Approach 

Our Workday Adaptive Planning Certified Associates show you how to optimize your solution for where your organization is now. And then we turn that roadmap into reality. Our process is flexible enough to fit your needs while strong enough to meet your goals, maximize your investment and deliver a transformative solution.  

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Step 1: Optimization Roadmap

Analyze Current State

Understand how your software is currently setup and heatmap how it is being used, from analytics and reporting to people and processes to data, technology, and security. 

Explore Art of the Possible and Envision Future State

Understand your business model and how your software needs to support it now and going forward. Identify other opportunities for improvement and determine prioritization. 

Define the Optimization Roadmap

Create a prioritized set of initiatives that fully enables your business.

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Step 2: Optimization Execution

Make the Future State a Reality

Our structured, phased approach: design, configure, walk-through, migrate, validate, and accept.

Implementation Timeline and Solid Methodology  

Our CPAs and Workday Adaptive Planning Certified Consultants deliver the knowledge and care required to identify and implement the right solution across your organization. 

Our process is flexible enough to fit your needs—and strong enough to meet your goals, maximize your investment and deliver a transformative solution. 

Our detailed implementation timeline lets you know when we kick off, what each stage entails and where we’ll involve your team.

1. Project kick-off, status calls and communication
2. Functional requirements definition and design
3. Data preparation
4. Foundational structure configuration
5. Modeling configuration

6. Integrations and automations
7. Reporting and analytics
8. Walk through
9. Data validation and user acceptance
10. Workshops and end-user training

What's on Your Mind?

Marc Moskowitz

Marc Moskowitz is a Partner in the firm. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Marc specializes in finance transformation, CFO advisory, enterprise planning, and business analytics.  

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