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Over 400 Owners, Developers and Investors Attend Real Estate Women's Forum

Mar 7, 2017

The 6th Annual Real Estate Weekly Women’s Forum was held recently at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel in New York City. The event offered networking, idea sharing and insightful discussions about leadership, management, mentorship and deal making specifically geared toward women in the real estate market.  Speakers discussed the current state of commercial and investment real estate as well as the challenges they faced in getting ahead in their careers in the traditionally male-dominated real estate industry.

Kathryn Wylde, the president of Partnership for New York City, who was the morning keynote speaker, discussed her background and the history of how she got into the industry. She also spoke about the challenges of providing affordable homes to hardworking New Yorkers in today’s market as well as what it’s like working with the de Blasio administration, trying to build strong relationships within the business community. 

An audience member asked Kathryn what she thought women needed most to get ahead.  Kathryn said she believes women need more chutzpah. She said that men will often take on a role even if they lack the experience and knowledge necessary, since they are not afraid to learn on the job.  Women, however, often feel they need to have all of the facts and the necessary experience to take on any new role.  She said that women need to become more confident and take more risks.

During the session “Women at the Helm: Reaching the Top of the Real Estate World,” Roberta Axelrod, director of residential sales & marketing at Time Equities, reiterated that women often have to work harder than men in the workplace to prove themselves. She said that women should put themselves forward, as men do.  Men are generally more comfortable asking for raises than women are and have more confidence in taking on roles for which they may lack experience or knowledge.  Lisa Brill, partner at Shearman & Sterling, suggested that women get started in their careers as early as possible and take advantage of any opportunities that come their way.  Keep an open mind and don’t close yourself off.  She also said that it is important for women to find other female role models that can mentor them and help them succeed.

Overall, the event was very informative and inspiring, offering sound advice for women working in a very challenging environment.

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