Process, Risk and Technology Solutions

For many years, with increasing frequency, organizations have faced a widening array of risk management challenges, in regulatory compliance, financial reporting, technology, and operations. EisnerAmper's Process, Risk and Technology Solutions help companies manage these risks and achieve their longer term objectives through practical governance and technical solutions. The group’s highly trained professionals – specialized in identifying, prioritizing, and monitoring key risks and internal controls – provide value-added solutions to clients.

We work with companies of all sizes, from newly-capitalized start-ups to large public companies and financial institutions. Our strategy is to hire and develop diverse thinkers, from recent graduates to experienced professionals, to partner and advise our clients in various industry sectors on critical business problems in the following areas:

Our Process, Risk and Technology Solutions professionals are particularly known for work on behalf of boards of directors and audit and risk committees, for whom the changing nature of risk has imposed new pressures of oversight and responsibility. EisnerAmper’s signature approach with these stakeholders focuses on actionable assessment and counsel, attuned to the organization’s strategy and rendered in language that supports board decision-making.

As trusted advisors, EisnerAmper’s Process, Risk and Technology Solutions professionals are known for bringing the practices and standards of public accounting to emerging or “frontier” categories of operational risk, internal audit and internal controls. In the arena of cyber security, for example, our professionals help enterprises develop evolving risk frameworks as cyber assaults increase in scale, sophistication and material impact.

In recent years, many U.S.-based EisnerAmper clients have expressed interest in multi-jurisdictional operations or international expansion. We are able to address their needs through EisnerAmper Global , an international network of independent member firms located in key financial centers around the world.