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Blogs July 27, 2021 Private Placement Life Insurance: The Best of Both Worlds

Now might be a good time for high net worth individuals and family offices to consider private placement life insurance (“PPLI”) as a way to hold alternative investments.

Blogs June 16, 2021 IRC Section 199A – Qualified Business Deduction

Further information on the IRC Sec. 199A qualified business deduction and its viability as a tax planning tool.

Blogs April 23, 2021 Federal Spending Plans Cause Equity Market Volatility

Activities regarding Senate Republicans infrastructure proposal, the latest unemployment numbers, and President’s Biden’s thoughts on increasing the capital gains tax rate fueled a spate of equity market volatility.

Blogs April 21, 2021 What a Corporate Tax Increase Might Mean for New York

A look at what a possible corporate tax increase might mean to New York, highlighted by an example from one of NYC’s key sectors.

Blogs March 18, 2021 Unemployment Benefits – Taxable or Not?

On March 11, President Biden signed into law the American Rescue Plan Act (“ARPA”). There are many provisions in this bill that are aimed at assisting taxpayers with reduced adjusted gross income levels, one of which provides a new exclusion of up to…

Blogs February 23, 2021 The 65-Day Deadline for Fiduciaries Is Looming!

This article outlines how trusts that are not required to distribute all of their income currently and estates on a calendar year may make an election to treat distributions made through Saturday, March 6, 2021, as having been made during calendar ye…

Blogs December 04, 2020 When is a Family Office Right for You?

A recap of a session focused on the question of when the time is right to build a family office – and what tools should you consider when doing so.

Blogs December 02, 2020 Personal Security Insights: Proven Strategies for Safeguarding Wealth and Family

A recap of a discussion with Gary Rossi, former FBI agent, regarding insights into phishing and whaling schemes that affect family offices.

Blogs November 23, 2020 A Conversation with Jim and Monique Brown -- A Path to a Meaningful Life

A conversation with Jim and Monique Brown regarding The Amer-I-Can Program