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Blogs July 27, 2022 The Art of Wealth Transition

A presentation on “Family Office Succession and Transition” and why 70% of wealth transitions fail by the third generation (“G3”).

Blogs July 14, 2022 Estate Plan Documents Regarding Health Care Directives

A health care proxy and living will are legal documents that are commonly part of an estate plan.

Blogs June 17, 2022 Fed Makes Historic Interest Rate Hike Increase

The Federal Reserve Board approved a 3/4 percentage point increase in the primary credit rate to 1.75 percent, its largest since 1994, in an attempt to curb rising inflation.

Blogs June 03, 2022 The ABCs of Estate Planning for Collectibles

When trying to pass your artwork or collectibles to your heirs, consider these ABCs of collectible planning: “Appraisal,” “Basis” and “Communication.”

Blogs June 02, 2022 Family Office Technology Solutions: How Information Facilitates Family Cohesion

A recent webinar discussed the importance of communication in creating and maintaining family cohesion among generation 1 (“G1”) and the younger generations (“G2” and “G3”).

Blogs June 02, 2022 How Technology and Instant Information Can Help Family Offices Achieve Their Goals and Grow Their Wealth

Customized technology solutions can help modern family offices create roadmaps to reach their strategic goals and objectives, aid in data-driven decision-making, and provide opportunities for outsourcing to free up internal resources.

Blogs May 24, 2022 Important Update to Inherited IRAs and Retirement Plans Under the SECURE Act

In February 2022, the U.S. Treasury issued a notice of proposed regulations regarding the distribution rules for inherited IRAs and other retirement plans by eliminating the life expectancy payout (“stretch IRA”) for most beneficiaries under the 2019…

Blogs May 09, 2022 Interest Rate Activity and the Latest from the Fed

A look at the U.S. Federal Reserve’s decision to raise its benchmark interest rate by half a percentage point on May 4.

Blogs May 02, 2022 The Biggest Tax Mistakes People Make in Retirement

Tim Speiss, EisnerAmper Personal Wealth Tax Partner, was recently interviewed on Yahoo Finance TV sharing some of the biggest tax mistakes people make in retirement.