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Blogs May 24, 2022 Important Update to Inherited IRAs and Retirement Plans Under the SECURE Act

In February 2022, the U.S. Treasury issued a notice of proposed regulations regarding the distribution rules for inherited IRAs and other retirement plans by eliminating the life expectancy payout (“stretch IRA”) for most beneficiaries under the 2019…

Blogs May 09, 2022 Interest Rate Activity and the Latest from the Fed

A look at the U.S. Federal Reserve’s decision to raise its benchmark interest rate by half a percentage point on May 4.

Blogs May 02, 2022 The Biggest Tax Mistakes People Make in Retirement

Tim Speiss, EisnerAmper Personal Wealth Tax Partner, was recently interviewed on Yahoo Finance TV sharing some of the biggest tax mistakes people make in retirement.

Blogs April 25, 2022 U.S. Federal Reserve and Interest Rate Developments

A look at how recent moves by the Federal Reserve to increase interest rates are impacting mortgages, inflation, business loans and equity markets.

Blogs April 07, 2022 The Impact of Inflation on Tax Strategy

Tax Partner Tim Speiss was a recent guest on Kelly Phillips Erb’s widely popular Taxgirl Podcast. Tim shared his insights on how inflation can impact tax planning strategy.

Blogs December 07, 2021 Recent Cases: Donor-Advised Fund vs Private Foundation

This content features and examinations of the differences between donating via donor-advised funds and private nonoperating functions, as well as a review of recent cases involving donor-advised funds.

Blogs December 07, 2021 Just Where Is the Art Market Headed?

A recent panel on the future or the art market showed where technology along with other factors are playing key roles for investors.

Blogs November 08, 2021 Passing on Your Family Vacation Home: Considerations for Keeping It, and How To Do So

Often a family vacation home is a very significant asset of the parents; when that is the case, it is harder to keep it if there is not an availability of funds to facilitate future maintenance and repairs. This content takes a look at the decision t…

Blogs November 05, 2021 Estate Considerations for Widows and Widowers

A surviving spouse may not have an understanding of the magnitude of the couple’s wealth and whether there are sufficient funds available to support his/her lifestyle; may be overwhelmed by the estate administration involved with the spouse’s estate;…