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Blogs August 12, 2022 5 Ways Health Care Organizations Are Turning New SAFER Guides Attestation Requirements into a Competitive Advantage

From security, cost reduction, and improving health outcomes and patient experiences, health care providers are leveraging technology and their SAFER Guides self-attestation as a competitive advantage in a consumer-driven health care market.

Blogs February 28, 2022 The Outlook for the Physician Assistant Direct-Payment Rule

Physician assistants have joined the ranks of physicians, nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists in having the ability to receive payments directly from Medicare.

Blogs February 23, 2022 Risk Factor Controls When Ordering Patient Cardiac Testing

Hospitals are increasingly bringing in decision support tools to enable health care professionals to quickly and efficiently order the correct cardio tests.

Blogs February 23, 2022 Risk Factor Controls in Patient Medication Management

Managing patient medication is a key component of care post-surgery, and outpatient procedures can increase the risk of a mistake occurring upon discharge.

Blogs January 11, 2022 Medical Practice 2022 Predictions: The Impact of the New Facility-Based Split or Shared Policy

In the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule final rule, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services finalized requirements for split-shared billing for evaluation and management visits.

Blogs December 06, 2021 M&A and Private Equity Drive Activity in Health Care Provider Space

In the article “From Many, One,” published in the Group Practice Journal, Bert Orlov and Ayesha Medina discuss the future of provider acquisitions with the upturn in private equity activity.

Blogs October 19, 2021 Leveraging Dynamic Risk Management to Improve Patient Safety and Reduce Malpractice

Dynamic risk management—surveillance of an organization’s risk management challenges—is a proactive approach to managing patient safety incidents and malpractice claims.

Blogs September 28, 2021 Health Care M&A Activity on the Rise

There’s been a dramatic uptick in activity (acquisitions) by entrepreneurs and private equity firms in the health care industry. Data points to a long-term trend in provider acquisitions (e.g., hospitals, physician practices, home care, telehealth).

Blogs September 13, 2021 Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs): Preparing for Changing Quality Reporting Methodology

Value-based payment models link provider reimbursements to quality of care, rather than simply to the quantity of services delivered. To be successful, ACOs and providers must understand complex regulation changes. Chief among the regulatory changes …