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Blogs May 13, 2021 Trends Watch: Cannabis Investing

A conversation with Robert Sciarrone and Juan Pablo Martinez of Measure8 Venture Partners on the outlook for investing in cannabis via alternative investments.

Blogs May 06, 2021 Trends Watch: Multifamily Housing

A conversation with Frank Forte of Lucern Capital Partners about the outlook for investing in multifamily housing.

Blogs May 04, 2021 SPACs: An M&A Overview, Trends, and Beating the Competition

A recap of a recent event where EisnerAmper’s Nina Keller was among the panelists and the focus was on the continued use of SPACs as an alternative to the traditional IPO.

Blogs April 29, 2021 EisnerAmper Trends Watch: Active Management

A conversation with Jim Neumann of Sussex Partners about the prospects for investing with active managers.

Blogs April 22, 2021 Trends Watch: Alternative Investment Customization

A conversation with Steve Kaczmarek of East End Wealth Management regarding the ever-evolving alternative investments market.

Blogs April 19, 2021 This Year on Pace to Beat 2020’s Record Year for VC Investment

Based on Q1 2021 VC activity, it appears—for the moment—that the yearly record of $156 billion over 1,200 deals will be shattered in 2021.

Blogs April 16, 2021 Hybrid Funds: New Buzz or Combo Basket?

This post features a recap of the recent event titled The Latest Trends & Concerns for Hybrid Funds and its coverage of fund documents, bookkeeping and audit concerns.

Blogs April 15, 2021 Trends Watch: Short Duration Bridge Loans

A conversation with Salman Khan of Stabilis Capital about the outlook for short-term bridge lending using commercial real estate as collateral.

Blogs April 08, 2021 Trends Watch: High-Yield Bonds

A conversation with Adrian Miller of Concise Capital Management regarding his views on the outlook for high-yield bonds.