Financial Services Blog

Blogs September 24, 2020 Trends Watch: New Fund GPs Dealing with Old LP Excuses

A conversation with Warren Lahoud of Famous Capital regarding the outlook for venture capital and private markets.

Blogs September 17, 2020 Trends Watch: Niche Investing

A conversation with Nathaniel Polachek of Yieldpoint Stable Value Fund, L.P. focused on investing within niche funds that transact within a small sub-set of the market.

Blogs September 15, 2020 Considerations for Liquidating a Hedge Fund

A conversation with William Bakker of Double Header Solutions on how funds can seamlessly execute winding down and meeting their investor fiduciary obligations before they move onto their next endeavor.

Blogs September 03, 2020 Trends Watch: Private Equity Growth

A conversation with Matthew Gibbons of Manhattan West Asset Management, regarding the outlook for private equity.

Blogs August 27, 2020 EisnerAmper Q&A with Jeremy Siegel, CEO, Portfolio BI

A discussion focused on the importance of hedge funds embracing automation, having robust technology and adopting best practices in the areas of operational resilience and business continuity planning (BCP).

Blogs August 20, 2020 Trends Watch: Economic Perspectives

A conversation with Marcos Bueno of Ascent Systematic Advisors about why he expects interest in alternatives to increase.

Blogs August 13, 2020 Trends Watch: Currencies

A conversation with Oscar Salem of BCM Partners regarding the outlook for trading in currencies, including managing risk and the role of central banks.

Blogs August 06, 2020 Trends Watch: Health Care

A conversation with J. Christopher Mize of Vivaris Capital regarding the outlook for and opportunities in investing in health care.

Blogs July 23, 2020 Trends Watch: Market Dislocation

A conversation with Michael Sonenshine, CEO, Symfonie Capital on his outlook for alternatives, opportunities in REITs and Master Limited Partnerships, challenges and more.