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Blogs May 19, 2022 Trends Watch: Technology-Driven Hedge Funds

A conversation with Pal Kiil of Utopia Capital Management about his outlook for alternative investments.

Blogs May 12, 2022 Trends Watch: Water Investment Opportunity

A conversation with Thomas Schumann of Thomas Schumann Capital about the outlook for investing in water.

Blogs May 05, 2022 Trends Watch: Systematic Global Macro Investing

A conversation with Neil Ramsey of Ramsey Quantitative Systems Inc. about the outlook for systematic global macro investing.

Blogs April 28, 2022 Trends Watch: Private Equity for Retail Investors

A conversation with Sheryl Schwartz of ALTI Financial about the outlook for private equity and retail investors.

Blogs April 21, 2022 Trends Watch: Triple Net Lease Investing

A conversation with Edward LaPuma of LCN Capital Partners about the outlook for triple net lease investing.

Blogs April 18, 2022 VC Activity Shows Signs of a Slowdown in Q1 2022

The VC industry might not exceed the records set in 2021, but based on the numbers for the first quarter it 2022 it still could be a very good year.

Blogs April 14, 2022 Trends Watch: Ethereum

A conversation with Taylor Day of Navigate about the outlook for investing in crypto.

Blogs April 13, 2022 Current Trends Impact Investing, Technology and DEI

At a recent Financing Forum, panelists discussed investing; technology; and DEI issues affecting current business operations, including various new DEI policies and procedures and the impact of DEI on businesses.

Blogs April 12, 2022 Redefining Your Cybersecurity Program to Meet Current Demands

At the recent FRA Annual Master Client Services and RFPs for Institutional Investors Conference, a trio of panelists shared the importance of financial services firms having robust cybersecurity measures.