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Blogs October 07, 2022 What Is Your Strategy… for Talent?

A recap of a session from the 7th Annual Alternative Investment Summit focused on hiring and retaining staff in the current environment.

Blogs October 06, 2022 Inflation’s Impact on the Global Market Ecosystem

Inflation’s impact on the economy has spilled over to the alternative investment industry. This content features a recap of a session from EisnerAmper’s 7th Annual Alternative Invest Summit focused on the impact of inflation on the economy; the outlo…

Blogs October 06, 2022 Trends Watch: Fundamental & Quantitative Investing

A conversation with Frank Fu of CaaS Capital about the outlook for fundamental and quantitative investing.

Blogs October 03, 2022 A Futurist’s Perspective on the Alternative Investment Industry

A recap of noted futurist Erica Orange’s presentation at EisnerAmper’s 7th Annual Alternative Investment Summit, Raising the Curtain: The Next Act for Alternative Investments.

Blogs September 29, 2022 Trends Watch: Private Equity Opportunities

A conversation with Shankar Gupta Boddu of Unity Growth Fund LLC about the outlook for PE investing.

Blogs September 28, 2022 Investment Spotlight: Where Investors Are Looking for Future Performance

A recap of the session titled “Investment Spotlight: Where Investors are Looking for Future Performance” from EisnerAmper’s 7th Annual Alternative Invest Summit.

Blogs September 22, 2022 Trends Watch: VC Investing in Deep Tech

A conversation with Swati Chaturvedi of the Newton Fund regarding the outlook for VC investing in deep tech.

Blogs September 21, 2022 iConnections New York City Fall Cocktail Reception: “Return to Normalcy”

A recap of the conversations from the recent New York Hedge Fund Week.

Blogs September 20, 2022 ALTS Silicon Valley (ALTS SV) 2022

A recap from the recent ALTS Silicon Valley, focused on the current macroeconomic environment and its impact on the alternative investment industry.