Financial Services Blog

Blogs April 09, 2020 Trends Watch: Clean Energy

A conversation with Peter Fusaro of AV Group regarding investment opportunities in clean energy, food and water.

Blogs March 26, 2020 Trends Watch: Alternatives – Options and Diversification

A conversation with Nelson Chu, founder and CEO of Cadence, on his optimism for alternatives.

Blogs March 19, 2020 Trends Watch: Private Credit

A conversation with Rodolfo Sánchez-Colberg of Parliament Capital Management where he discusses alternatives and their growth as an asset class and in terms of allocation within client investment portfolios.

Blogs March 12, 2020 Trends Watch: Health Care Blockchain

A conversation with Pancho Vanhees of SAVA Investment Management regarding disruption in the health care industry using blockchain technology for care coordination, administration, and payments.

Blogs March 05, 2020 Trends Watch: Venture Capital Deals and Opportunities

A conversation with Nick Markola or VU Venture Partners based on the outlook for venture capital and featuring insight into deals and opportunities in fintech, frontier, consumer and health care.

Blogs February 27, 2020 Trends Watch: Venture Capital and Consumer Products

A conversation with Sumeet Shah of Swiftarc Ventures regarding venture capital investment in consumer goods, investment opportunity, and the impact of ‘personal brands’ on spending and behavior.

Blogs February 20, 2020 Trends Watch: The Fluidity of Hedge Funds

A conversation with Jeff Schachter, President and Chief Operating Officer of Crawford Lake Capital Management, LLC, regarding the outlook for hedge funds a fluid industry that continually sees over 500 new hedge fund launches each year.

Blogs February 13, 2020 Trends Watch: Fixed-Income

A conversation with Skyler Weinand, Managing Member, Regan Capital, on Regan’s outlook for alternatives, especially fixed-income investments.

Blogs February 06, 2020 Trends Watch: Digital Assets

A conversation with David Lifchitz, Managing Partner and CIO, ExoAlpha, regarding digital assets and quantitative trading.