A Friend in Need – The EisnerAmper Friends of the Firm Program


In this inaugural podcast, EisnerAmper Director Nkrumah Pierre talks about an innovative program to match business and finance executives with career opportunities. He covers the origins, scope and even a real-life case study. Nkrumah concludes with how you or your firm can benefit from this unique initiative. 


Dave Plaskow:Hello and welcome to the inaugural episode of the “Friends of the Firm Podcast.” We hope to provide you with creative solutions for finding the career opportunities or executive staffing solutions that you're looking for. I'm your host, Dave Plaskow, and with us is Nkrumah Pierre, an EisnerAmper Director who leads our Friends of the Firm program and our Alumni program. Today we'll discuss with Nkrumah how you can make the most of our Friends of the Firm program. Nkrumah, hello.
Nkrumah Pierre:Dave. Great to see you.

Nkrumah Pierre is a Director with EisnerAmper’s Friends of the Firm providing support to clients seeking to hire accounting, finance and human resources executives and providing job opportunity referrals, search support and coaching.

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