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EisnerAmper’s Entrepreneur Academy “EA2

EisnerAmper’s Entrepreneur Academy “EA2” offers early-stage startups continuous learning opportunities—from fundraising to mitigating risk to growing their businesses. For example, how do you position your business to attract investors? What are the compliance requirements for your business? Does your business qualify for tax credits and incentives? Offering timely and practical content, EA2 helps educate and empower entrepreneurs as they navigate their next steps. We’re here to help.

Podcast June 17, 2021 Taking the Plunge: From Techie to Entrepreneur

In this TechTalk podcast episode, Amar Bhatkhande asks Rajesh Abhyankar of MediaAgility about how he started and grew his global digital consulting business to upwards of 400 employees—and what excites him about the future.

Videos June 15, 2021 What Technology and Life Sciences Companies Need to Know About SOC 1 Reports

Brenda DeSaro explains what a SOC 1 Report is, discusses why companies need to be concerned about these reports even though they likely outsource this work to third-party providers, and outlines a best practices approach.

Articles June 08, 2021 PPP Accounting for Technology and Life Science Companies

The first in a series of articles to address how technology and life science companies should account for Paycheck Protection Program loans for both financial reporting and tax purposes.

Articles May 21, 2021 Converting Your Intellectual Property (IP)

Once an entrepreneur has secured their intellectual property (IP) and received that first round of funding, they have to strategize how to convert it into a fundable business.

Articles May 21, 2021 Funding Your Intellectual Property (IP)

Following the securitization of IP, an entrepreneur has to seek funding sources in order to monetize that IP (whether that’s by commercialization or sale).

Blogs May 19, 2021 What is a Sales Tax and What is a Use Tax?

Understanding sales tax is critical to establishing an effective program to administer the tax. Webinar on Golden Rules of Sales and Use Tax. As a general rule, all states that have sales tax have a use tax.

Articles May 19, 2021 Securing Your Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual property is a work or invention and the person or people who create it (or their employer) has the rights to it. This article examines the process for securing those rights.

On-Demand Webinars May 13, 2021 On-Demand: Female Entrepreneurs & Investors

Our panelists offered their unique perspectives as founders and funders and how being a woman is an advantage.

Podcast April 08, 2021 Entrepreneurs: Conversations Count

Conversations are at the root of entrepreneurship. In this TechTalk podcast episode, Amar Bhatkhandé sits down with Charly Weinstein for a conversation about leading and growing a business.