King Cheng

  • Senior Manager, Eisner Advisory Group


King Cheng is a Senior Manager in the Private Client Services Group with over 10 years of accounting experience. King expertise includes financial statement preparation, tax preparation and planning. He has significant experience assisting clients with complex accounting and finance matters across a wide variety of industries, including real estate, professional services firms and closely held businesses.

King is active member of the real estate thought leadership and training committees and the Private Client Services Group best practice in the Philadelphia office.

Prior to joining the firm, King was Senior Accountant at a boutique accounting firm. He worked in all fields of accounting, including bookkeeping, payroll, cost accounting, tax prep, financial statement preparation and audit, and focused on minor league baseball teams, professional services, and winery.

He is a contributor to articles including: How You Use Your Vacation Home Makes a (Tax) Difference and The Popular IRC Section 179D Tax Incentive Is Now Permanent.

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