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Blogs February 03, 2023 The Future of NFL and Sports Streaming?

The fight for DirecTV's NFL “Sunday Ticket” was the most recent indication that expensive live and popular sports bundles are migrating to streaming services controlled by digital companies.

Blogs November 28, 2022 Will Netflix Cheaper Ad-Tiered Plan Mean More Subscribers?

Streaming giant Netflix is now offering subscription plans that contain ads for a more economical $6.99/month, which may force other streaming services to do likewise.

Blogs October 24, 2022 Serena Williams’ Tennis Swansong Breaks TV Viewership Records

Television viewership of Serena Williams at the U.S. Open was a watershed moment for ESPN and for the sport of tennis as a whole.

Blogs September 07, 2022 Esports Continues to Branch Out

The ability of esports to draw investment from traditional companies, high-net-worth individuals and other tech companies are only a few examples of where the sector is headed.

Blogs July 26, 2022 Streaming Wars: Live Sports Edition

The battle to offer live sports with subscription plans will continue because streaming platforms realize viewers are drawn to a streaming service offering their favorite sports.

Blogs May 16, 2022 Coachella, Stagecoach and Other Festivals Are Back in Business

The return of Coachella and other live music festivals are a welcome relief to the brand ambassadors, tech companies and local businesses that depend on them each year.

Blogs May 03, 2022 The Lego Group and Epic Games: A Partnership for the Metaverse
Blogs February 09, 2022 Will This Year’s Super Bowl Viewership Be a Touchdown or Fumble?

With Super Bowl viewership down the last decade, making it available on a variety of streaming platforms is an attempt to align the big game with today’s viewership patterns.

Blogs February 07, 2022 Will the Consolidation of the Gaming Industry Continue?

With Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, this industry consolidation could make it very difficult for smaller studios to continue to compete.