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Blogs February 10, 2021 2021 Super Bowl Observations

Final thoughts, from an observer’s perspective, on the 2021 Super Bowl.

Blogs February 02, 2021 NHL Takes an Innovative Approach to the 2021 Season

The 2021 NHL season is sure to be unlike any other in the league’s history. This article features a quick look at the changes the NHL has made to get in a safe season and deliver the games the fans want.

Blogs January 12, 2021 Governor Cuomo to Now Support Mobile Sports Wagering in NY

COVID-19 rebuilding efforts, budget deficits and loss of tax revenue to neighboring states have led Governor Cuomo to support legalized mobile sports betting in the state of New York.

Blogs December 15, 2020 Esports Industry Continues to Soar with Next Generation Consoles

The future of gaming is looking brighter than ever with the release of next generation gaming consoles. Both Microsoft and Sony have recently released their new, high powered gaming consoles.

Blogs January 31, 2020 2020 Super Bowl Observations

A discussion of the financial impact of the Super Bowl on the local and national economy.

Blogs November 13, 2019 Keynote Hits a Homerun at the Philadelphia Business Summit

Former MLB star Ryan Howard was the Keynote at the Philadelphia Business Summit where he discussed his post-baseball career, his venture capital firm, and how athletes can leverage their personal brands to enter the business world.

Blogs September 12, 2019 A Touchdown for Legalized Betting!

Thirteen states now have legal sports betting, and the number of companies investing or developing businesses in this area is on the rise.

Blogs August 02, 2019 Fortnite World Cup: A Big-Ticket Event

Huge prize money, strong competition, emerging celebrity – do parents start to encourage their kids to play more video games?

Blogs July 02, 2019 Tax Impact on U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team Players at the World Cup

The USWNT players will be faced with a myriad of both U.S. and international tax issues as well. Any income and prize money earned while playing in the World Cup will be taxed in the United States because U.S. citizens and residents must report thei…