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Blogs May 16, 2022 Coachella, Stagecoach and Other Festivals Are Back in Business

The return of Coachella and other live music festivals are a welcome relief to the brand ambassadors, tech companies and local businesses that depend on them each year.

Blogs May 03, 2022 The Lego Group and Epic Games: A Partnership for the Metaverse
Blogs February 09, 2022 Will This Year’s Super Bowl Viewership Be a Touchdown or Fumble?

With Super Bowl viewership down the last decade, making it available on a variety of streaming platforms is an attempt to align the big game with today’s viewership patterns.

Blogs February 07, 2022 Will the Consolidation of the Gaming Industry Continue?

With Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, this industry consolidation could make it very difficult for smaller studios to continue to compete.

Blogs January 11, 2022 Bruce Springsteen Sells Catalog to Sony Music

Bruce Springsteen is the latest musician to sell his creative catalog, selling it for $500 million to Sony Music.

Blogs October 08, 2021 The Growth and Evolution of the Esports Business Landscape

The continued growth and evolution of esports is being fueled by the partnerships and investments in this still-emerging industry.

Blogs September 29, 2021 Football Viewership Is Back

After a successful start to the 2021 broadcast ratings, the NFL appears to have several suitors interested in broadcasting future seasons such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and others.

Blogs August 20, 2021 Scarlett Johansson vs. Disney: Changing the Power Dynamic in Hollywood

Will actors have to accept theater-to-streaming release schedules determined by movie studios, or will actors have a greater say in this hybrid release model, which could greatly impact their compensation?

Blogs August 03, 2021 U.S. Olympic Champions: Turning Gold into Gold

With no spectators at this year’s Olympics and streaming services to promote, NBC is utilizing a tried-and-true strategy by bringing in well-known former Olympic competitors to announce and analyze the games.