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The Letter R: Turning Pro, Waiting for the Draft, Just Been Drafted

Sep 27, 2017

The letter ‘R’ starts more than ROUGH when you are talking sports.

Have you considered:

Record – Your career stats, your good deeds and charity, your devotion to family. Hopefully, NOT your police file.

React/Reaction – How you react on the playing field, to a reporter’s question or a fan’s taunt may linger far longer than you would like.

Routine – Other than your training program, nothing in life truly is. Be flexible and listen to your family, your support team and your advisors.

Racket – Needed to play tennis, badminton or racket ball. Not something you want to get involved in or taken in by.

Retire – Not just going to bed. Something we all have to deal with at some time(s) in our life, whether it’s from the game or from your second career. Be willing to Recognize when the time is right.

Retirement – Will you be ready for it and prepared for it? Will you be financially secure in your retirement years? Working with your advisors to prepare for that day starts a lot earlier than you might suspect.

Ravine – It’s a deep, narrow gorge with steep sides making it hard to climb out of. Something you should avoid falling into.


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