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Esports Continues to Branch Out

Sep 7, 2022

Video games and music are the perfect pair. It doesn’t matter if the music is loud and intense or soft and comforting, it is a crucial element that motivates gamers’ senses and makes playing more exciting. Gamers utilize music to sharpen their focus and rise above their competition. ESL Gaming and Spotify recently partnered to make it easier for the German esports community to access high-quality audio content. The partnership makes sense because they both share the same beliefs of encouraging and providing a diverse and inclusive space within their communities.

Benny Eichelmann, Senior Director, Global Brand Partnerships at ESL Gaming noted, “The partnership is a natural brand fit as it combines the best of the undisputed leader among music streaming platforms and the world’s leading esports company. By working together, we can now enhance the experiences of our German communities to enjoy both their favorite music and premier esports content.”

Esports and Spotify are no strangers to one another. In fact, Riot Games announced a collaboration with Spotify in 2020, designating it as the sole audio streaming partner for League of Legends Esports.

Elsewhere in the esports landscape, Sony continues to push further into esports with the acquisition of, one of the world's largest esports tournament platforms. has hosted more than 100,000 tournaments with 2.3 million participants playing popular games such as Call of Duty, PUBG, Fortnite and League of Legends.

With this acquisition, will have access to more resources, game titles and technology and will continue to support PC, mobile and other consoles alongside PlayStation. This is a competitive advantage for Sony as it previously struggled to include multiplayer games in the past. With a good steppingstone into esports, Sony can now invest in more live multiplayer games. Its continued investment into this space extends its influence on gamers beyond just being a hardware and software company.

Sony is not the only household name heavily investing in esports. The rise of esports has caught the attention of NBA superstar and business investor Shaquille O’Neal. After retiring as a player from the LA Lakers in 2011, he saw an opportunity to stay connected with sports by becoming an investor in NRG Esports in 2016. Initially, his kids introduced him to the world of gaming. “Esports is one of the fastest-growing industries and appeals to so many people,” he remarked. To date, Shaq invested $155 million into the esports industry.

The esports community has grown exponentially over the past few years. Many started participating to stay entertained. Eventually, it became more than just something to do where game enthusiasts and investors took notice. The industry’s ability to draw investment from traditional companies with vertical integrations to high-net-worth individuals and other tech companies looking for integration opportunities are only a few examples of where the industry is headed.

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