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The Letter S: Turning Pro, Waiting for the Draft, Just Been Drafted

Nov 17, 2017

The letter ‘S’ starts more than Sports when you are talking sports.

Have you considered:

Scramble – How you can order your eggs and what a quarterback does to avoid trouble. Not what you want to be doing in your marriage, your life.

Safety net – We think of this at the circus to protect the trapeze artist or tightrope walker should they fall. You need one in life to protect you and your family if your professional career is shorter than anticipated.

Solvent – An ingredient in a cleaning product but, more importantly, what you are when you are not broke, bankrupt or insolvent.

Save – What goalies in hockey, soccer and lacrosse want to make. What you want to do from early on to build your safety net and retirement fund. What you have to think about before you buy your house(s), car(s) and jewelry or invest in a deal.

Success/successful – Comes in many ways, not just on the playing field. Success isn’t just about the money.

Succeed – To succeed takes time and effort. Will you be ready to work for it? Will you be prepared to handle it?

Single – It’s only one base, but 3,000 of them will still get you into the Hall of Fame.

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