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Letter A: The A to Zs of Turning Pro, Waiting for the Draft, Just Been Drafted

Jul 1, 2016

The letter ‘A’ doesn’t just mean Athlete when you are talking sports.

Consider the following:

Agent – No matter what sport you play, you need one. You hire him or her -- and pay him or her -- so be sure you can trust and work with your Agent.

Attorney – many Agents are Attorneys. But your Attorney, as needed, should not be the same person as your Agent.

Advisors – They come in many varieties: financial, marketing, public relations, life Similar thought process as your Agent: No matter the sport, you need at least one; you hire and pay him or her, so be sure it’s someone you can trust and work with.

Assets – The talent and skill you were born with and have developed; as well as what you hope to acquire during your career (and for after your career).

Accountability – You are Accountable to yourself and to your FAMILY, teammates, fans and coaches.

Adversaries – You have them on the playing surface, but do you want them when off the field?

Audience – The Audience is cheering you on but they may also be waiting; watching for a misstep on or off the field. 

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