State and Local Tax

As state and local taxing jurisdictions look for ways to close chronic budget deficits, corporate tax burdens have become more onerous, both in complexity and financial impact. Company leaders who would prefer to focus on core operations regularly face distractions in the form of nexus inquiries, changing tax laws or interpretations, and audit activity, from multiple tax authorities. EisnerAmper’s State and Local Tax (SALT) professionals are dedicated to helping companies meet these tax challenges; helping to position them for the future with a practical, business-oriented proactive tax approach.

Our SALT practice works across all industries and borders, with companies of all sizes, from start-up and closely-held entities to large public companies. We are well-versed in traditional “bricks and mortar” operations, as well as the emerging issues surrounding services and e-commerce. Clients engage us for customized business-friendly solutions and advice regarding a wide range of issues, including the recent Wayfair decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, nexus, apportionment, tax decision matrices, and exposure analysis and remediation, for all their tax needs including sales/use and income/franchise taxes.

Whether it be prospective planning, audit defense, exposure remediation, applications for refunds, or tax accrual and reserve analysis and documentation, clients benefit from a number of distinctive EisnerAmper approaches. First, our flexibility results in tailor-made solutions based on your business needs, as opposed to commoditized “products” based on a marketing plan. Second, we create a collaborative environment between our clients and ourselves, working as part of your team and establishing trust. Third, we believe a knowledgeable client is our best client, and educate our clients on the viable alternatives, as well as the letter of the law, so they are equipped to make informed decisions regarding their tax matters. Finally, we define our role up front, so we know whether you desire an aggressive advocate of your position, or a mediator on the issues.

EisnerAmper‘s SALT team establishes long-term relationships with its clients, and is committed to client service. We stay abreast of current developments and frequently present on state tax topics for both national organizations, as well as internally for client training purposes.