Public Sector Advisors

EisnerAmper Public Sector Advisors LLC is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals that has proven, hands-on experience with managing government operations, budget analytics, performance improvement initiatives and municipal finance.

We engage with leaders of public entities to help them meet the challenge of delivering efficient, quality government service in the face of diminishing resources.

A fact-driven approach evaluates the client’s problems; analyzes and identifies alternative solutions; and recommends the path forward. We deliver the roadmap for transformative and sustainable change.

EisnerAmper Public Sector Advisors LLC will always look to a client’s history to understand the root of a problem, but looks to the future for innovative solutions.

We partner with EisnerAmper LLP, a nationally recognized accounting and financial advisory firm, to deliver a vast array of resources that include information technology, forensic analysis, state and local tax advisory, health care, real estate, hospitality, transportation, and energy expertise.

Overview of Services:

  1. Budget/Financial Planning
    • Historical financials and business plan review
    • Develop forecasting models and Budget management
    • Identify performance improvement and cost savings initiatives
    • Liability management, payroll analysis and benchmarking
  2. Economic Development 
    • Explore the use of opportunity zones and opportunity funds
    • Leverage existing enterprise zones designations
    • Pursue other partnerships that will benefit economic development
    • Research federal, state and local grant options that are available
  3. Crisis Management
    • Develop communication plan to stakeholders including employees, creditors, customers 
    • Assist in the development of scripts that will be utilized for different stakeholders
  4. Strategic Procurement 
    • Review procurement processes and identify areas of concern
    • Explore consolidation and streamlining processes
    • Supplier / vendor management
    • Identify other procurement process improvement opportunities
  5. Information Technology 
    • Review current systems and develop unique technology strategy
    • IT audit, risk and controls assessments
    • Managed security solutions and cybersecurity
    • Digital solutions / process transformation
  6. Project Management 
    • Review existing protocols and identify areas of concern
    • Develop road map and assist with implementation
    • Focus on the optimization of available resources
    • Provide project management support
  7. Collective Bargaining Support 
    • Help government units organize research and planning
    • Review existing contracts and make recommendations that can be used in negotiations
    • Benchmarking analysis
  8. Pension Innovation
    • Understand current pension issues
    • Develop in-kind contribution approach to funding pension obligations