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Blogs January 11, 2023 Funding Available for New Cannabis Entrepreneurs from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority

The NJEDA announced the creation of the Cannabis Equity Grant Program. This new program specifically targets cannabis start-ups and will provide grants to approved applicants that will be used for start-up expenditures and technical training.

Blogs December 16, 2022 New Jersey to Offer Voucher Incentive Program for Manufacturers

The NJ Manufacturers Voucher Program provides the state’s manufacturers with funding of up to $250,000 to access the equipment they need to grow operations, increase profits and enter emerging industries

Blogs November 15, 2022 The Different Kinds of Cannabis Business Licenses in California

This article features an explanation of the different types of commercial licenses to cannabis businesses issued by California’s Department of Cannabis Control.

Blogs November 08, 2022 New York Recreational Cannabis Licensing Types

To open and operate a recreational cannabis business within NY, a specific state-distributed license is required. Currently, there are three different cannabis licenses available to business owners and entrepreneurs.

Blogs November 07, 2022 Different Recreational Cannabis Licenses Available in New Jersey

This article offers information related to the different types of specific, state-distributed cannabis licenses required to open and operate a cannabis-related business within New Jersey, whether it’s medical or recreational. These licenses are revie…

Blogs November 02, 2022 Cultivators in Established Markets to Regulators: “Stop Licensing New Businesses”

This content features a quick look at how, in certain ‘established’ cannabis markets, flower prices are falling and a large amount of inventory exists, prompting cultivators to ask regulators and lawmakers to stop issuing new cultivation licenses.

Blogs October 07, 2022 Biden to Pardon All Federal Offenses of Simple Possession of Marijuana

President Biden announced plans to pardon every person that has previously been convicted on federal marijuana “simple possession” charges as part of efforts to minimize, if not eliminate, the barrier to employment and housing eligibility that those …

Blogs September 29, 2022 New California Bill Would Allow Cultivators to Sell Cannabis Directly to Consumers

The Small and Homestead Independent Producers (“SHIP”) Act aims to keep local and small-family cultivators competitive with growing commercial operations by creating new revenue opportunities both within and, pending federal legalization, across stat…

Blogs August 12, 2022 Is Invoice Factoring the Right Financing Option for Consumer Products Companies?

Understand the pros and cons of invoice factoring as a finance option for consumer product companies.