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Blogs September 09, 2020 Real Estate Investment and the Cannabis Industry

A recent article took a look at some of the issues commercial real estate investors are examining surrounding the cannabis industry and included some insights.

Blogs June 04, 2020 California Cannabis Company Denied Deductions by the Tax Court

The U.S. Tax Court recently published its opinion, Richmond Patients Group, T.C. Memo. 2020-52, holding that Richmond was subject to IRC Sec. 280E as a reseller and not a producer. This article examines that decision and its ramifications on the indu…

Blogs November 07, 2019 California Passes Cannabis Tax Fairness Bill

A discussion of California Assembly Bill No. 37 exempts commercial cannabis businesses from the provisions of IRC Sec. 280E, allowing California cannabis business owners operating as a sole proprietorship or partnership additional state tax deduction…

Blogs August 14, 2019 New Jersey Expands Medical Cannabis Program

Analysis of Jake Honig Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act (the Act) and how it expands access as well as reduces taxes for medical cannabis in New Jersey. The Act has established a five-member Cannabis Regulatory Commission to oversee the program…

Blogs June 19, 2019 The Cannabis Industry and the Qualified Small Business Stock Exclusion IRC Section 1202

The major forms of Cannabis business entities are partnerships, limited liability companies, C corporations and S corporations. Each entity type has its own unique tax and legal advantages and disadvantages.

Blogs February 13, 2019 Cannabis Legislation Advances in Congress

The Marijuana Revenue and Regulation Act was introduced in the United States Senate. It is one part of a three-part initiative to push Federal cannabis legalization, and integration of the industry in the US.