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Real Estate Investment and the Cannabis Industry

Sep 9, 2020

A recent article from National Real Estate Investor took a look at some of the issues commercial real estate investors are examining surrounding the cannabis industry and included some insights from  the lead partner in EisnerAmper’s Cannabis and Hemp Group. “Speculators and entrepreneurs are starting to prepare for possible legalization of medicinal or recreational cannabis, or both, in six states expected to vote on this issue in the coming months, including Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey and South Dakota,” he was quoted as saying. He also noted confusion among investors, especially at the beginning of the pandemic, due to some states classifying cannabis as “essential,” but others not; while others further differentiated between medicinal cannabis and recreational. He commented on the future of the industry and forecasted that companies with good management and sound fundamentals would survive and thrive, while others would be acquired through M&A or just cease to exist.

For more, please read “The Cannabis Business Is Proving Resilient. Will More CRE Investors Give It a Chance?”

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