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What Is Your Strategy … for Talent?

Sep 21, 2022

Now when fund managers discuss business strategy, they discuss more than investing in assets and operations. Today’s investment discussions also revolve around people.

Attracting, retaining and engaging talent are challenges for almost every business right now. In addition to improving efforts toward diversity, equity, inclusion, training, and succession planning, the Great Resignation highlights the importance of developing strong relationships with employees. During this panel, we will share techniques and ways to develop a strategy that improves relations with your team and helps you compete for key talent.

Investment Spotlight: Where Investors Are Looking for Future Performance

A discussion on which strategies are top of mind for investors going into 2023, What are the key differentiators when comparing funds and how an emerging strategy becomes a viable investment opportunity?

Inflation’s Impact on the Global Market Ecosystem

A discussion on how inflation has impacted the Global Market Ecosystem, the outlook and deal pipeline for alternative investment managers and challenges and risks and opportunities in this market cycle.

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Peter J. Cogan

Peter Cogan is Managing Partner, Financial Services Industry, the leader of the our Financial Services Audit and Assurance Services Practice leading the Private Equity Group within that practice, a Director of the Cayman Islands office and a member of the firm’s Executive Committee, as well as Chairman of the Board of EisnerAmper Global.

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