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Is Your Private Company Considering Going Public? Steps to Consider When Bringing Your Private Company to IPO

Nov 20, 2013

Bringing a company to IPO can be an expensive and laborious process, so it’s important to examine in detail whether going public is right for your company. How do you know if becoming a public company is right for your situation?

The most popular reason for a company going public is to raise capital and increase a company’s net worth. There are many other motivating factors:

  • Creating brand awareness which could help increase market share
  • As an exit strategy for owners or investors
  • To enable a company to acquire and retain top talent

Whatever the reason, the transition from private company to public company requires numerous steps and creates new responsibilities.  To empower you with the knowledge to make the decision, our new blog series, “Bringing Your Private Company to IPO,” will discuss the pros and cons of becoming a public company as well as legal requirements you need to be aware of. The following topics will be addressed in detail:

  •  Reasons Why Going Public Might Be Right for Your Company 
  • Growing a Business to Become a Public Company
  • Considering Your Financing Options when Your End Goal is IPO 
  • The Benefits of a Risk Assessment
  • How Do I Know When My Company Is Ready to Go Public?
  • What’s Involved in Filing the Registration Statement with the SEC?
  • After IPO, What’s Next for a Public Company? 
  • Reversing the Decision to be a Public Company

Every week, a new blog in this series will be posted on the Technology & Life Sciences blog. We welcome your feedback—please post your comments below.

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