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Q1 2024 Capital Markets Insights: A Closer Look

May 3, 2024

Q1 2024 Capital Markets Insights: A Closer Look 

The venture capital landscape is currently experiencing an interesting period with investments in groundbreaking technologies, promising significant impact and substantial returns. Is the VC market at a tipping point, or will the challenging market for both investors and founders continue in 2024?  

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 Current State of the Market  

The market, while multifaceted, has notably diverged over the past two years, with a pronounced split between the artificial intelligence sector and other domains. Within the AI market, there’s a mix of genuine AI companies and those merely adopting the label. Despite the hype and over-promising, venture capitalists have ample opportunities to invest in lesser-known companies that may yield substantial returns. While only a select few will become trillion-dollar AI giants, there’s room for $100 billion, $10 billion, and $5 billion beneficiaries. However, the landscape isn’t solely AI-centric.  

Traditional sectors— software development, SaaS, crypto, FinTech, and energy tech—continue to attract investment dollars. As the VC world grapples with this existential question, the balance between AI tools and domain knowledge will shape the future of value creation.  

Emerging Opportunities 

Companies face a stark choice in the evolving AI market: adapt or risk obsolescence. Investment strategies are also adapting, focusing on sustainable growth and profitability over mere momentum. While higher valuations are becoming more common, careful selection and support for under-the-radar startups with strong potential remain a priority, aiming to nurture these ventures through successive growth stages.  

Additionally, long-term relationships with entrepreneurs and founders fostered through previous successful investments can create a network that benefits current dealings and sets a positive precedent for future collaborations.  


In this year’s first quarter, valuations increased at every stage of VC investment. Companies highly valued two years ago are now struggling to raise new rounds, operate on previous funds, and avoid deals that would result in down rounds. This is seen as a disappointment since many of these companies have valuable assets built with significant investor capital.  

 There's potential in these 'special situations,' with the expectation that such companies will need to transact by 2025. The public market shows numerous Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) with diminished share values, suggesting initial quality, but requiring recapitalization or takeovers for recovery. Private companies over-financed at peak valuations face a critical juncture, needing to reconcile inflated valuations with realistic financing paths. This scenario is an opportunity contingent on stakeholders' willingness to realign expectations and valuations with viable financial strategies. 

IPOs & Exits 

One of the venture capital industry’s recent hurdles has been the scarcity of exits, such as IPOs or acquisitions by larger corporations. Despite a few notable IPOs in the first quarter, the market remains cautious about the future up to 2025.  

 The anticipation is for a gradual resurgence in the IPO market, beginning later this year and extending into 2025. This conservative approach stems from many investors' recent adverse experiences with SPACs and similar ventures, suggesting a measured pace toward 2025. 

What’s Next for Venture Capital in 2024 

Venture capital investments are anticipated to rise modestly by year's end. The growth is expected to be gradual. Exit activity may see a minor increase. Fundraising efforts will likely persist into the fall, with an estimated $300 billion in dry powder available. Except for the most sought-after, growth-orientated companies, valuations are projected to decrease.   

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EisnerAmper’s webcast, Alan’s Thinking Cap | Q1 Capital Markets Update, features a conversation between Alan Wink, EisnerAmper’s Managing Director of Capital Markets, and Daniel Burstein, Founder and Managing Partner of Millennium Technology Value Partners. In their conversation, they delved into the evolving Q1 VC landscape.  

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