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The Google Product Pipeline -- An Example of Where to Go After the IPO

Nov 5, 2014

Continuing to produce new, innovative products that are in public demand is a great way to retain or attract investors. We recently covered Apple's latest product offerings and the impact on investor confidence. But, as I was using another company's products the other day, it occurred to me they are equally shaping the future. The company I am talking about is Google.

Most people know the search engine giant’s brand name so well that it has become a household verb: when someone needs an answer to a question, they 'Google' it. But the company is more than just a search engine and a company that sells ads. They are also innovators and masters of marketing new technologies.

Since their IPO, which raised $1.2 billion in 2004, Google has continually added products and services (such as Google Nexus cell phones and tablets and Chromecast television service) to diversify the company into the behemoth it is today. Some of their most newsworthy products are Google Glass and the Google Self-Driving Car. It's uncertain whether both of these products will become firmly entrenched in future society, but the company also has a knack for bringing us "products" that many people now take for granted. I'm talking about Google search, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and Chrome. These web-based services are all embedded into our everyday lives, and one of the most notable things about them is that they are all free.

The past ten years as a public company on the NASDAQ exchange has shown significant stock growth for Google. Despite a dip in stock price during the 2008 recession, Google has shown a steady incline from its opening price of a little over $53 a share in 2004 to its current price of over $591 a share. Google's product development pipeline has continued to stimulate investor confidence and in return that has helped Google continue to create the products many of us rely on every day.

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Marc Fogarty

Marc Fogarty, Audit Partner within Technology and Life Sciences Group, and member of the firm's Public Companies, Cleantech and International Services Groups. Marc is experienced in public accounting, serving public and private organizations and has presented on IFRS to professional groups.

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