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Attorney’s Roadmap to Financial Well-Being

Aug 9, 2023

You are an attorney working long hours, honing your legal skills, and building your network while trying to find time for personal commitments. While you are occupied with your present, who is minding your financial future?

If you are a partner, shareholder, rising star, or a sole practitioner:

  • Do you have long-term disability coverage and long-term care insurance?
  • Do you have insurance coverage for your personal assets?
  • Have you created a financial plan or started saving for retirement?
  • What would happen to your position in the event of a firm merger or acquisition?

If your practice is operating as a partnership or corporation, or if you are a sole practitioner:

  • Do you have a succession plan?
  • Do you have a buy-sell agreement?
  • What will happen to your interest upon disability, death, divorce, termination, or retirement?
  • Are you maximizing investment opportunities while minimizing the tax impact of your financial gains?
  • How do you maximize your firm’s profitability by retaining and rewarding its most talented professionals?
  • What are your options for employer-sponsored retirement plans, and under what circumstances is each an appropriate choice?
  • How are other law firms addressing these concerns?
  • If you have delayed retirement savings, what are your options now?
  • Do you have or need an estate plan?

An attorney’s financial well-being depends on maximizing their career earnings, investing wisely and protecting their assets. Despite the importance of such vigilance, attorneys can easily overlook their finances during the most demanding years of their practice.

Please join EisnerAmper’s experts in tax and financial planning for attorneys on August 16 for a webinar discussion of these and other essential topics. 

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