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Compiling Form F: An EisnerAmper Guide

Mar 12, 2014

As we all know, the NAIC ORSA Subgroup is heading into year three of the ORSA pilot project.  Year two has seen some marked improvement, but feedback from the NAIC remains that material improvements must still be made to ORSA deliverables.  That being said, the NAIC has still refrained from issuing authoritative guidance as to the content and format of ORSA reporting.  Through that same lens, we view the impending Form F filing deadline April 30 and understand that it too is anticipated to be an iterative process and no formal guidance or templates have been issued to aid in its preparation.  Based on our discussion with regulators and NAIC representatives, the Form F should:

  • Address all ten areas of operations prescribed thoroughly;
  • Include all pertinent metrics to support positions;
  • Be clear, understandable and concise.

We have assembled a guide to preparing Form F which includes information sources for use in compiling the required areas of operation, to help you ensure you are meeting the expectations of your regulators.  For a copy, please contact one of our regulatory team members: Dianne Batistoni or Jerry Ravi.

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