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Blogs June 10, 2021 EisnerAmper Expert Discusses “An Accountant’s View of Fraud and Corruption” on Podcast

Nelson Luis, Principal in the Forensic, Litigation and Valuation Services Group, was a recent guest on a Corporate Counsel Business Journal podcast in an episode titled “An Accountant’s View of Fraud and Corruption.”

Blogs March 11, 2021 Q&A with Jolene Fraser, Chair of CalCPA

Jolene Fraser, Managing Director in the firm’s Forensic, Litigation and Valuation Services Group, spoke about her new role as the CalCPA organization’s chair, what leadership means to her, and advice she’d offer to aspiring female professionals.

Blogs March 06, 2020 How School Board Members Can Help Combat Fraud

School board members, while often not financial professionals, have an obligation to help establish the proper controls as well as ask the right questions in an effort to mitigate fraud in the school system.

Blogs November 22, 2019 National Fraud Week Focus on Payroll Fraud

This is asset misappropriation via theft of cash through a company’s payroll processing system. Common forms are ghost employees, buddy punching, and pay rate alteration. Periodic audits, monitoring cameras and segregation of duties are proven strate…

Blogs November 21, 2019 National Fraud Week Focus on Vendor Fraud

Vendor fraud is where a company’s accounts payable and other payment systems are manipulated for illegal personal gain. It consists of billing schemes, check tampering and pay-to-play. Proper procedures, training and awareness can be an effective det…

Blogs November 20, 2019 National Fraud Week Focus on Occupational Fraud

Also known as workplace fraud, it includes assert misappropriation, corruption and financial statement fraud. While challenging to combat, this blog gives several effective tips to mitigate.