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EisnerAmper Cloud Accounting & Xero

Aug 28, 2020

One of the key service providers powering EisnerAmper’s Cloud Accounting Service is the accounting solution Xero. Hosted in the cloud, Xero provides a general ledger system that is intuitive to use and efficient to operate.  Additionally, Xero integrates with many other cloud-based applications, which enables EisnerAmper to provide a cost-effective outsourced accounting service for small to mid-sized business and family offices.  The video features John Delalio and Donna Zincone discussing some of the many benefits of working with Xero.


John Delalio: I was asked to come back and help our firm develop a cloud accounting practice and in the division is EisnerAmper Cloud Accounting. We provide cloud accounting services for small tao midsize businesses. It concludes everything from entry-level bookkeeping, bill pay, accounts receivable management, reporting analytics, consolidation, multicurrency.

I think the thing that's unique about EisnerAmper is that we kind of bridge the gap between personal wealth and business wealth, so I like to say we take care of small companies and their owners. I mean, we also take care of public companies as well. We are a big firm, but we really come down market very well and give the small business complete support.

At the core of our offering is Xero. It's a great application. It can connect to whatever we'd like it to connect it to. Some of our go-to apps or and Expensify and Gusto. Those seem to be on most of our client implementations, but we also, depending on the industry you're in, we work with other third-party apps that are available on the Xero store. So there's project management-type time capture systems. We do a lot in financial services.

Our offering is very different. At the beginning, the first call with the client, we have a project manager as part of the team who actually leads the first couple months of the implementation of the solution.

Donna Zincone: So one of the great things about the EisnerAmper Cloud Accounting is because everything is automated and streamlined and we have an extremely close relationship with these clients, we're available to advise them in their needs for growth, for finance, any expansions, or mergers and acquisitions that they may be interested in as they go through their business cycle and through their successes.

Basically we provide a tech stack. First we meet with the client, we assess what their issues are, what their pain points are, what they're looking for. Some have no accounting products in place. Like I said, some may be only using Excel. I usually do an assessment to see how bad their books are, where they're at, when was the last tax return they filed, if they even filed. Get an idea of how their business runs and what their needs are, and then we would move on to the implementation and also do our kickoff meetings and start the implementation of all the different software stacks. The most rewarding part of my job at EisnerAmper is seeing our clients grow and succeed.

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John Delalio

John Delalio is a Partner in the firm’s EA Outsourcing Solutions (EAOS) Group which provides outsourced Accounting, Finance, HR, and IT solutions to small businesses, startups, and family offices.

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