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Corporate Benefits Plan

Our Corporate Benefit Advocacy Program allows you to have a coordinated effort among the necessary experts to fully realize your company's benefits goals. 

The ideal combination for any program is to maximize attainable benefits while minimizing costs. Our experience has shown us that many companies have the wrong emphasis in this regard. They remain focused on minimizing costs and wrongly believe that they must forgo benefits because of this focus. Often a unique plan design, new strategies and proper communication to the employees are the missing elements. 

What we cover in order to maximize a company's benefits and bottom line: 

  • We review your current programs and take into account any future objectives of the various parties in a program. 
  • We look at your budgets and cash flow. 
  • We introduce the latest laws and regulations (at all levels) which affect the decision-making process. 
  • We look at your organization's costs sharing policies and provide options to your employees that will control the company's costs. 
  • We look at opportunities to bundle or unbundle certain benefits to minimize costs and maximize benefits. 
  • We create a process for you to review and monitor on an ongoing basis. 
  • We creatively apply our deep knowledge of the options available to the information we have gathered and use our wide experience to design a plan which balances the competing needs of the parties. 

A set of procedures for achieving your long-term benefits goals and a process to keep up with the constant changes will allow your institution to focus on the mission of your organization. 

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