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EisnerAmper provides intellectual property (“IP”) inventory services to assist clients in identifying their intangible assets, categorizing them by department or product, and assigning proper ownership to the asset.  

Business leaders can expect the following steps during the IP inventory process: 

  1. Determine the scope of the inventory.
  2. Conduct information gathering through interviews and observation.
  3. Catalog and categorize assets as per client instructions.
  4. Analyze findings for identification of possible underutilized assets.
  5. Provide an integrated intellectual asset management strategy to control, employ and utilize a company's intellectual assets. 

Following an IP inventory engagement, EisnerAmper’s Forensic, Litigation, and Valuation team will provide a scalable database of all of your intangible assets and a strategic plan to commercialize underutilized assets. Your new database serves as an invaluable resource when additional intangible assets are acquired or developed. The database will also allow you to easily identify intangible assets that may be included in a sale. 

Our strategic recommendation to commercialize underutilized assets may include the licensing, sale, donation and/or abandonment of these assets. If our recommendations are employed, increased revenues, tax savings and/or decreased maintenance fees may greatly offset the initial 
cost of our IP inventory services. 

For more information on EisnerAmper’s full scope of IP capabilities, visit our IP Services page

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