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Nearly every business relies on a broad array of intangible assets including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, know-how, customer lists and software licenses, among others. 

These intangible assets are no longer confined to a company's R&D department. As such, safeguarding your intellectual property (“IP”) becomes even more critical. With the complexity of today's business organizations, intangible assets often get dispersed throughout the entire organization: human resources, IT, marketing, sales, accounting, research and elsewhere. Through this dispersion, intangible assets can easily get misplaced, and ownership can be severed.  

Our highly trained damages and valuation consultants can help you with your business, corporate or personal IP or asset case. 

EisnerAmper IP Services 

  • IP Inventory – Identification of intangible assets, determination of appropriate ownership, preparation of a customized deliverable that effectively tracks intangible assets.
  • IP Litigation Support – Pre-litigation settlement, consulting, document request support, deposition support, document management, damages analysis, report preparation, rebuttal analysis and report preparation, deposition and trial testimony.
  • IP Royalty Audits – Assistance with licensors/licensees to ensure receipt/payment of the appropriate royalty compensation under a license agreement.
  • IP Transfer Pricing – Research and documentation to establish the appropriate arms-length rate for IP in intra-company transactions.
  • IP Valuation – Market/industry research, comparable searching, pricing analysis, valuation analysis and report preparation. 

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