Letter K: Turning Pro, Waiting for the Draft, Just Been Drafted

The letter ‘K’ starts more than Kicker when you are talking sports.
Have you considered:

Kash, Koach, Katch, Kool  – They may all sound right but they are all spelt wrong. Be careful and cautious before you act.

Kids – You want your own to look up to you. Remember; many others’ kids will do so as well.

King-Sized – Probably the bed you sleep in; but not the ego you want to be recognized for.

Kosher– Not just a type of food; the word is also used to connote  legitimate, proper, honest. All you do or get involved in should be Kosher.

Kayo – Will end a fight before the final round; not what you want to do to your career.

Kindness – no discussion needed.

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