Letter J: Turning Pro, Waiting for the Draft, Just Been Drafted

The letter ‘J’ starts more than Jump Ball or Jockey when you are talking sports.

Have you considered:

Journey – It’s a long trip from high school to college to the pros … to the life you’re planning after the game.

Jeopardy – Yes it’s still a TV show but as a professional you are always in jeopardy on or off the field. Life is risky enough. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way.

Judgement – You make split second decisions on the playing field; but off it, take the time to ask questions and think things through.

Judicious– Show good Judgement; if something doesn’t feel right, be willing to walk away.

Jam – Great with peanut butter, not so good in traffic. And even worse when it’s you that is in one.

Jewelry – Okay it’s a status symbol -- but do you really need that much?

Joke – Okay to tell one; not okay to become one.

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