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Can New Planning Software Help Future-Proof Your Organization? 

Apr 1, 2024

It can be challenging to navigate the complexities of different software systems for long-term success during a time of digital transformation. With unforeseen circumstances, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, technology has surged at an unprecedented pace causing accelerated change and dramatic disruption. When organizations use segregated data systems and error-prone spreadsheets, it often results in slow, outdated information that affects an organization’s ability to adapt to those changes.  

It’s evident that rapid disruptions and transformations will continue, making it critical to have planning software that can keep pace. 

Software Is a Crucial Piece 

An organization cannot keep up by treating technology as a competitive advantage. It is a competitive necessity for success.  

Previously, organizations often viewed technology as an asset to differentiate themselves from competitors, but now technological advancements are an integral part of success. Tomorrow’s industry leaders need planning software that interprets past, present, and potential data while allowing everyone in the organization to view a single source of truth. This allows for agile, informed decision making with real-time context.  


Future-proofing happens when you create a sustainable technological environment that has the capacity and capabilities to support your organization through a range of future advancements. One of the most efficient ways to future-proof your organization is by implementing a sophisticated and unified software system.  

Speed and Agility 

The speed at which information is collected is vital to the success of a company as it assists with a variety of aspects from financial planning, sales/pipeline data, and internal organizational data. Data pulled in near real time into a central location is always current, allowing you to accurately plan for next steps and address a variety of possibilities. 

Comprehensive Data 

Operational data must combine with financial, internal, and pipeline data to paint a complete picture. Key operational information depends on the industry, but it could include client satisfaction, capacity, hours worked, or the average time certain activities take. Having a central software system that collects and projects critical data in near real time allows your organization to make data-driven decisions. Using the data from this software, organizations can then make informed decisions that touch all operational areas, ultimately saving time and money. 


Future-proofing is customizable. You must establish what your organization needs to accurately pinpoint and create a strategic technology plan. By getting a central planning system rather than checking different sources of data for a variety of incomplete pieces, you can see a direct correlation and trends, allowing time for strategic changes when needed.  

Unified Collaboration  

Having one database also helps unify your teams. Rather than each department pulling siloed data that could have discrepancies and create confusion, a shared source of truth that includes all facets of information provides clarity and efficiency at every level. 

Implementing an Adaptive Planning Tool  

One of the most difficult steps on the road to success is knowing when it’s time to invest in updated tools to support continued growth. If you can answer “yes” to any of the questions below, it’s time to consider new planning software: 

  • Is manual data entry and interpretation costing your team significant time?
  • Are you having difficulty consolidating data?  
  • Do you find that once your data is gathered it is already dated?
  • Do you need help with scenario planning?  
  • Are you having trouble envisioning and planning for the long term?  
  • Is cross-department collaboration complicated and confusing?   

An experienced Workday Adaptive Planning team can analyze your organization’s unique needs, map out the next steps, and support you in getting the most out of your planning software going forward. If you’re ready to explore new tools but don’t know where to start, EisnerAmper professionals can tailor a plan to transform your software into a comprehensive intelligence solution that creates agility in a changing world. 


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