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How to Find Investors for Your Business

Jan 12, 2022

Looking for quality investors for your new company is a challenging task. Learn how to utilize your existing network to be at the top of an investor’s mind.


Jordan Amin: One of the most difficult thing that an entrepreneur has to do when funding their company is finding investors. It's not the easiest thing to do.  They don’t hang signs saying we're looking for companies in your space to give money too!

Spend the time talking to your network, particularly your advisors, accountants, lawyers, other professionals you use in terms of talking about your company.  Talk to the people who have relationships with the investors out in the marketplace - they'll take your executive summary, they'll take your business plan, attach a nice little note to it about you and your concept and they'll send it to the investors.

This will get you to the top of their pile not the bottom, and you'll get a legitimate look from the investor in terms of what you're looking for from the capital standpoint.

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