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Equity Movements, Unemployment, Deficit Negotiations and the Value of the US Dollar - Tim Speiss on Fox Business News

May 4, 2011

Tim Speiss was a featured commentator and co-host for Fox Business News covering market topics including equity movements, unemployment, deficit negotiations and the dollar. Tim’s observations on another day of market volatility were centered around the latest unemployment figures. Even though the rate still hovers around eight percent, Tim said, “We’re still adding jobs and the recovery, while gradual, continues.”  What is of much more concern to Tim and others commenting on the show is the national debt and the deficit talks going on in Washington leading up to the next Treasury auction. “Debt to GDP is now 25 percent which since the 1950’s normally runs at 20 percent, even in periods of high unemployment”, Tim noted. “That’s troubling, especially to the value of our currency. It is to be hoped that the ongoing deficit talks and a federal budget agreement will put some support under the dollar.”

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