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The CFO 2.0: The New Frontier

Dec 6, 2017

The role of the CFO has changed enormously over the last two decades as the private equity industry has developed. To find out exactly what is different, EisnerAmper and Private Funds Management (PFM) undertook a two-year survey of more than 150 private funds finance professionals. The results of this in-depth analysis and research are presented in the online publication and reveal the regulatory and technological issues that are reshaping the CFO function across the private equity funds industry.

How has the role of the CFO changed?

The survey sought to define the role of today’s CFO amid greater disclosure demands additional compliance requirements, increasingly complex US and global tax reporting, and a steady stream of new regulatory requirements.

See highlights below on the seven things you should know about CFO 2.0

The SEC is Upping the Stakes - Has your firm gone through an SEC examination?Back Offices are Under Pressure - What are your plans for your operation/back office team in the coming 12 months?

Due Diligence is Taking Up More of a CFO's Time - How much greater has due diligence increased demands on the back office over the last 3 years?The Front and Back Offices are Growing Closer - "In my firm, the front office and the back office work together more cohesively."

CFOs are Getting More Involved in the Deal Process - Has increased regulatory oversight led the back office to become more involved in the investment process?Cybersecurity is a Top Concern - How prepared is your firm to handle the following external threats?

Outsourcing is on The Rise - What role has advisors played in responding to:

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