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Putting Technology to Work … for You

Feb 2, 2018

Being the early adopter of a new technology can be fraught with risk. But in a client-focused business, being at the leading edge is a necessity—not a luxury. Such was the case when EisnerAmper teamed with IBM to use Watson’s Artificial Intelligence capabilities for Smart Auditing—where the software actually learns how to learn in order to make the process more effective and more efficient. 

Enhancing service through technology isn’t always about introducing clients to high-profile, next generation technologies like Watson. It also entails back-office automation that clients never see. In EisnerAmper’s case, we built an in-house team of app developers to create customized solutions for client service.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t say that one of the most important aspects of enhancing the client experience via technology is listening to clients to find out what they want and not just assume what they need. This was certainly the case when it came to service offerings related to technology. Based on feedback from clients and the marketplace at-large, EisnerAmper took a strategic initiative to develop cybersecurity, blockchain/cryptocurrency, and benchmarking services. 

Technology is not the end, but a means to an end. It’s “service with software,” not “software as service.” Often, the overriding factor is the company mindset and a corporate culture that embraces innovation. The firm’s partners made a significant investment to stay at the leading edge of technology, because everything we do is going to be impacted by technology. The accounting sector is on the verge of disruption like so many businesses. And we want to be a disrupter, not a disruptee.

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Charles Weinstein

Charles Weinstein is the CEO of Eisner Advisory Group LLC with more than 35 years of experience in the field of public accounting.

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