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Workplace of the Future

Nov 13, 2017

EisnerAmper recently hosted its 7th Annual EisnerAmper New Jersey Business Summit. At the summit, Robert Levine, the Firm’s Chief Operating Officer, moderated a panel of experts in the session “Welcome to the Workplace of the Future.” Panelists discussed key considerations in designing an innovative workplace for both talent and customers, how technology will impact the workplace, and what innovations lay ahead.

The speakers discussed changes impacting the way people work and their impact on the workplace. They noted that the lines between work and play have blurred, and that when designing workspaces companies need to consider incorporating service offerings in order to attract and retain talent.  With multiple generations in the workplace, workspace designs need to be flexible and need to balance available space and workspace choices, as well as incorporating new technologies.

The workplace continues to change and evolve.  While overall workspaces are increasing, private workspaces are decreasing to free up space for common areas and amenities, which are becoming more important to employees.   

The panelists each discussed their expectations for the workplace of the future, envisioning a workspace that looks more like walking into a public space, with a fluid layout that features team work zones, focus areas, interconnected floors, glass walls, amenities, and increased communal spaces - all adding to an increased sense of community.  Artificial intelligence will be incorporated into workspaces, automating mundane tasks and increasing productivity.

The panelists agreed that with so many changes coming, building flexibility into workplace designs and allowing for future technological advancements will be key to designing the workplace of the future.

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