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What you need to know before moving anything to the “CLOUD”.

Aug 27, 2014

“The Cloud”.  You see it everywhere.  Everyone wants to be there.  People tell you that you need to be there.  But what is it?  Why is everyone talking about it?  What does it mean for your business?  What is a Public Cloud, a Private Cloud, a Hybrid Cloud?  If you are trying to understand all this before you move there, you are not alone.  Learn what is behind “The Cloud”, who the major players are, why you should consider moving there (or not), and more importantly, what you need to know before you choose your Cloud partners.   

What “The Cloud” really is

  • Why you should (or should not) consider moving anything there
  • What problems “The Cloud” will solve (or create) for you
  • What improvements/advantages does it offer
  • Who are the major Cloud vendors, why, and what they offer
  • What SaaS and multi-tenancy mean for you
  • What are Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds
  • What are Virtual Desktops, Virtual Servers, Published Applications
  • What is the future of the PC, the tablet, the smartphone
  • What does all this mean for your existing technology investment
  • The emergent issues re: Privacy, Security, Reliability, Performance, Disaster Recovery
  • Why studies show a significant level of dissatisfaction with “The Cloud”
  • What are the hidden costs, unforeseen issues, problems
  • All the questions that you must ask before moving anything to “The Cloud” to ensure success

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