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Jeb Bush on the State of the Union

Mar 4, 2014

Continuing a family tradition of appearances before the Long Island Association (first his father, George POTUS 41; then his mother, Barbara; followed by his brother George POTUS 43), Jeb Bush was the luncheon speaker on February 24 at the LIA annual meeting.

During a Q&A with LIA President Kevin Law, Governor Bush spoke about education, immigration, health care, economic growth and foreign policy. He espoused many views, and clear distinctions from the policies of the present administration, that received a positive response from the large and generally appreciative audience. On education, for instance, Bush reminded us that he was an early leader championing Pre-K in Florida. He also stated that a better immigration policy would increase economic growth, and predicted that after a decade it would be so successful that its positive economic contribution to the U.S. economy would be equal in size to another Germany.

He stressed the need to be more optimistic and said a President should be positive and encourage the country. He believes that the health care system needs reform, but that the Affordable Care Act, stating that we need to get back to the concept of insurance for major coverage, not everyday expenses. Finally, he believes the U.S. needs to be more assertive in its foreign policy, or at least better define to the country at large, and to our allies, just what it is we are trying to accomplish abroad.

Finally, when asked about his mother’s famous remark that he should not run in 2016, he smiled and said he would note her as being neutral! On a candidacy in 2016, he reiterated his oft-stated position that he will decide if he is running by the end of the year.

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