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Is Android for Business the Right Choice for You?

Oct 9, 2019

It appears the never-ending battle between the Android and iPhone for use in the business world continues. In this blog, we’ll examine a few facets of the Android platform to consider for your everyday business needs.


The first is clearly price. The Android devices available cover the complete pricing spectrum, and price-sensitive clients can find a device to match their budgets. Secondly, the selection of devices is appealing. Every business-use case has a desired outcome. As such, you can customize the device selection to compliment your desired outcome. From small to big, there is a product everywhere and in between. Finally, the ability to customize Android is quite appealing for business consideration. Almost anything can be altered or restricted to streamline process flow and the automation processes. Android also has the ability to separate business apps from personal apps so that you can use your Android device for both work and personal use. This type of granularity allows users to perfectly fit the right-sized device at the right price to perform the right function.


There is an impressive level of Android customization, and new features are constantly being created. The ability in one Android device to charge another has great appeal with users who work remotely. Android at work comes preinstalled with productivity apps from Google–including email, contact, calendar, docs, sheets and slides. These innovations continue to fit new and adapting business requirements.


One major concern surrounds compliance and security. As noted above, Android is an open system that lets you customize your device by integrating it with outside software; that open system makes it more vulnerable to viruses. Android allows you to download apps on a wide variety of sites, some of which are created by cybercriminals who want to spread malware. It is best to continue to monitor security initiatives on the Android platform to remain informed, as any data generated on a device can be a gateway to internal risk controls and policies.

Final Thoughts

Android is and will continue to be an excellent selection for a business use. Companies should tightly map out their business processes, be clear on what their goals are, and ensure proper risk management to their shareholders and stakeholders of those processes. When those are in place, find the right vendor for the hardware and the proper compliance software to implement the customizations and controls needed to enable business workflow to happen securely and efficiently.

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