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Startup Founders and Corporate Executives

Moving your business forward means focusing on key drivers of growth and not being encumbered by time-consuming financial analyses. 

As the founder of a startup or as a corporate tech executive, you’re paving new roads for innovation. Leveraging your expertise to effectively lead the strategic development of a growing business is demanding. Steering your company toward its vision comes with many competing priorities for your valuable time. Not only are you consistently faced with new business challenges, but you’re also likely thinking about your own personal financial well-being. Navigating the complexities between your personal and professional life can become overwhelming, making it hard to distinguish among the many moving parts. But you know all too well the adage: “no risk, no return.”  

As time goes on, your needs will continue to evolve both personally and professionally. Questions and concerns will inevitably arise, and we are here to educate and offer strategic guidance on both fronts. 

Growth-Minded Insights  

Get access to tailored resources that can help you navigate the road ahead from EisnerAmper professionals who are passionate about seeing you succeed.  

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Entrepreneur Academy

Learn about the essentials of launching and growing your startup from EisnerAmper professionals passionate about entrepreneurship.  

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Business and Individual Federal Tax Updates

Understand strategies and techniques for individuals and businesses in light of recent tax developments. 

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TechTalk Podcast Episodes

Listen to our newly released TechTalk podcast episodes with insights that could enhance your next business decision.  

Solutions for Founders and Corporate Executives 

Your EisnerAmper advisors provide services that can help you achieve both your personal and business goals. Whether you’re interested in learning more about generational wealth planning, equity planning opportunities (e.g., qualified small business stock “QSBS” gain exclusion), setting up trusts for family members, or exploring another opportunity, we have you covered. EisnerAmper provides solutions for each stage of your business, with startup founders and corporate executives connecting with our team for the following needs, and more:

Uncover tax savings opportunities and manage compliance requirements

Proactive tax planning strategies can help identify opportunities for both you and your business as well as mitigate the tax impact of your personal and business transactions. Our specialists know the latest tax law updates and what’s on the horizon, and we’re committed to assisting you in implementing strategies that will help accelerate your success. 

Contribute to long-term growth with analysis and applicability of qualified small business stock (“QSBS”)

Looking ahead can be difficult to focus on when day-to-day obstacles take precedence. However, QSBS should be a concern, even in the beginning stages, because it impacts the appeal of your business to investors, provides tax advantages to investors and stockholders, and enhances the overall competitiveness of your business. EisnerAmper professionals can guide you along each step of the way when it comes to QSBS options.

Feel confident with your trust and estate planning, succession planning, and charitable giving

It’s challenging to know the value of growing a business, managing investments, and strategizing your generational wealth when you’re juggling these priorities. You need an advisor who can seamlessly tackle one concern after the next, tailoring a solution that covers all your bases while educating and empowering you throughout the process.

Connect the dots with comprehensive Family Office Solutions

EisnerAmper’s family office solutions handle accounting, fractional CFO, finance, IT and HR solutions, and more so you can spend time on what matters most: growing your business. Outsourcing means being able to rely on someone else who can handle the back office so you can handle the “front office.” Our team of professionals operates as an extension of your team.  

Leverage the benefits of personalized wealth management to reach your financial goals

Whether you’re navigating the intricacies of stock-related transactions or contemplating investment management post-sale of your company, a personalized wealth management solution ensures the protection of your immediate financial interest while establishing the foundation for enduring multigenerational wealth.  

Corporate Executives and Founders Partner with Us 

The need to meet your business milestones or reach the next investment round will continue, and your personal priorities will constantly evolve. You can rely on us every step of the way—whether you need stage-specific solutions for your business or personal mentorship along your professional journey. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations and helping you reach your goals.  

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