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Tax Guidance & Wealth Strategy for Health Care Leaders

Industry-tailored tax and wealth solutions built to navigate the financial challenges and opportunities health care leaders, administrators and professionals face daily.

Health care professionals are often faced with unique challenges from other business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs. Whether it’s managing business finances (e.g., physician payroll, acquiring a new practice) or grappling with how to fund a competitive compensation, equity or exit plan, these challenges require the application of specialized tax and financial knowledge. 

As tax rules continue to play an increasing role in how practitioners manage, optimize and maximize their personal and private finances, it’s imperative to find a partner who understands your industry and specialty. EisnerAmper’s Health Care Group offers a full suite of services to aid health care leaders in reaching their short- and long-term financial goals. 

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Who We Serve

EisnerAmper serves industry practitioners across all specialties and practice sizes, enabling them to reach their personal and professional goals. Our clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Dental Practices
  • Health Tech and Med Tech  
  • Home Care Providers
  • Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Provider Practices
  • Senior Living/L-T Care 

Compliance with Confidence 

Both for-profit and nonprofit health care and hospital systems of all sizes face scrutiny as the IRS increases oversight over tax-exempt and subsidized care. EisnerAmper’s tax professionals can help your business and personal finances align the proper rules and compliance regulations. 

Tax Optimization Strategies 

Many view taxes as unavoidable hurdles when it comes to growing health care practices. However, by leveraging the proper rules and strategies for your own unique situation, savvy business leaders can turn them into a competitive advantage. EisnerAmper tax professionals work directly with your practice to remain compliant, while minimizing tax liabilities and taking advantage of federal benefits to promote growth. Additionally, our team has the background to help you navigate state and local tax regulations as well as leverage the opportunities they present to business owners. 

Wealth Planning for Physicians  

Part of your health care journey that should never be overlooked is how you protect and grow your hard-earned wealth. EisnerAmper’s team offers various strategies to maximize your opportunities and diversify your portfolio—based on your risk tolerance and goals—whether that’s retirement, education, purchasing properties or growing your business. Furthermore, estate and trust planning, while often a tough topic, is necessary regardless of health, age or income. 

Practice Valuation, Acquisition and Transaction Advisory 

Whether you’re planning to sell your practice in full or transfer ownership, EisnerAmper’s professionals can help your team understand the market value of your business, its ownership interests and its intangible assets, which are critical to developing a strategy that can maximize a transaction’s effectiveness. If you’re acquiring a new practice, it’s vital to know exactly what you can afford and then work with a partner to vet and conduct the financial due diligence for your unique situation and goals.  

Health Care Real Estate Tax 

Every health care real estate engagement is unique—from practice size and specialty to location, financing and more. Whether you’re buying, selling, leasing or building, EisnerAmper’s team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to consult and navigate the intricacies between real estate engagements and the complex tax pieces that come with them. 

Tax Controversy and Disputes 

As tax regulations and enforcement continue to change across all levels of the health care industry, tax disputes continue to rise. In the event of a dispute or controversy, EisnerAmper’s team has the experience and background to provide strategic guidance through the full resolution process that is customized to your unique situation.  

Tax Structure  

Planning and implementing a resilient tax structure is an important foundational element to long-term business success. EisnerAmper’s professionals analyzes the full scope of your practice’s financial landscape, optimizing tax deductions, credits and liabilities to align with your goals. Once implemented, your unique tax structure allows you to navigate changing tax codes and create sustainable growth opportunities for the future.  

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