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On-Demand Panel: This Way Up: How Alternatives Should Look to Reorient in Q4 and Beyond

Sep 24, 2020

For the year, the average hedge fund is reporting flat. But averages don’t nearly tell the story of what the industry has been through since March. Tremendous variation exists between players and strategies, with a wide divide between the winners and the losers and little room in between.

Up is down in the hedge fund world. Success is coming from strategies old and new. Quant and AI strategies are generating returns, but the past six months have also seen a resurrection of the macro strategy as markets continue to show a disconnect to news trends. On another front, illiquid alternatives as a whole are down for the ninth straight quarter, but they do show signs of life as investors seek to further diversify and build-out more sophisticated portfolios.

All told, the successful manager going into 2021 will be very different from the one of 2019. The ability to adapt to the changing world and new traits, such as emotional intelligence, will come into play much more. Join us for a discussion on how these pushes and pulls will shape the hedge fund space in Q4 and beyond.

On-Demand Panel: LP Perspectives in the COVID-19 Environment

Executives from the limited partner community discuss their top-of-mind considerations in today’s environment and how general partners can reevaluate their own investment, financing and key business processes to reassure LPs amid COVID-19 concerns.

On-Demand Panel: Private Equity Beyond COVID-19: Disruption, Innovation and Cultivating Evolution

Our panel of top private equity professionals discuss how the changes brought upon by COVID have forced the industry to quickly innovate and adopt new practices. The panel will also provide insights and predictions as to which changes will remain during the recovery and beyond as the industry continues to evolve.

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Peter J. Cogan

Peter Cogan is Managing Partner, Financial Services Industry, the leader of the our Financial Services Audit and Assurance Services Practice leading the Private Equity Group within that practice, a Director of the Cayman Islands office and a member of the firm’s Executive Committee, as well as Chairman of the Board of EisnerAmper Global.

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