Letter C: The A to Zs of Turning Pro, Waiting for the Draft, Just Been Drafted

August 10, 2016

The letter ‘C’ starts more than Cheerleader when you are talking sports.

Consider the following:

Career – It has begun. Is your support team in place?

Contract – The first of many and you want it to be right. Will it include a signing bonus or performance bonuses?

Coaches – You’ve had them, and will continue to have them at every game you play. You need them in your financial game as well.

Cash Flow – More than you are used to but probably less than you expected.

Cash Control – Now it begins. Family, buddies, even strangers will want a piece of the pie.

Community – Where you grew up, live and play; respect them all.

Charity – One way you can give back to your Community.

Commercials – Are these products the image you want to project?

Commissions – The way you pay your agent and possibly others.

College – Did you graduate? If not you should consider finishing in the offseason(s).

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