Jeff Boyle looks at the business of golf

The Business of Golf Is No Longer Par for the Course


The game of golf is alive and kicking, according to Jeff Boyle, EisnerAmper senior business advisor. In this episode of “The Boyleing Point,” Jeff looks at the business side of golf: courses, equipment, apparel. With Tiger’s historic win at the 2019 Masters, is golf poised to break some revenue numbers? We’ll also examine the impact of Millennials and legalized gambling on the game of golf.


Dave Plaskow:Hello and welcome to ”The Boiling Point.” I'm your host, Dave Plaskow, and with us is Jeff Boyle, a Senior Business Advisor in EisnerAmper’s audit department. Jeff examines the everyday business and finance issues faced in the Sports, Entertainment, and Media sectors. Today we're reviewing the evolution of the sport of golf and how it's been impacted on the business side. Jeff, so now that the warm weather has finally gotten to the East Coast, people are ready to hit the links. So give us the state of golf today.
Jeff Boyle:Well, Dave, golf fans couldn't help but shed a tear watching Tiger Woods win the Masters Tournament back in April when he walked off the 18th tee. He was not only walking off to his loudest fans, but also his respected peers. It was really exciting watching him, and the reaction from all the players who respect him such as Ricky Fowler, Justin Thomas, Mack Koocher. They were all waiting to congratulate him. I think the PGA really has to thank Tiger Woods because he created this younger fan base that has really made the game of golf what it is today. I think a lot of these players could have gone into other sports such as football, basketball, baseball, but instead took up the game of golf because of the Tiger Woods effect. According to Forbes, the golf segment is an $84 billion industry in the U.S. and is responsible for almost two million jobs, and those numbers are trending upward. So I think the PGA really has to thank Tiger Woods.

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