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Take Control of Your Business's Technology with a Virtual CIO.

Learn Why a Virtual CIO Should Be Your Organization's Secret Weapon

Many jobs are becoming virtualized or remote during the age of digital transformation. One position that's becoming more popular with small to mid-sized businesses is a virtual CIO. A virtual chief information officer (CIO) is a dedicated person who's your business's chief information officer on a flexible basis.

Their role is to develop strategic IT goals for your company. They also manage an IT budget and strategy that meets your goals. Most companies hire a virtual CIO through an outsourced IT company like EisnerAmper. 

Why You Need a Virtual CIO 

The role of the CIO is essential to your company's culture and organizational design. A CIO's role will continue to grow as businesses establish hybrid work models, health checks, and employee well-being check-ins. 

A virtual CIO can also assist with the following duties. 

  • Evaluate New Technology
    Stay up to date on the latest trends and innovations in the technology industry. Incorporate the best tools into your business, increasing your productivity.
  • Manage Your Budget
    Don't get derailed by unexpected costs. Pay a flat rate each month for a virtual CIO.
  • Run a Cost/Benefit Analysis
    A virtual CIO will look at your current processes and any new ones on the horizon. They'll discover if you're getting your maximum ROI for each venture.
  • Leverage Technology
    Increase your bottom line with technological tools and applications. 

Nearly all businesses use technology to run their operations. Without technology and a digital presence, your company may fail. A virtual CIO helps you manage your current IT systems while developing long-term goals. Their goal is to continually drive innovation, revenue, and success for your company. 

What Kinds of Business Need a Virtual CIO?

Businesses of all sizes and industries need IT support. Larger companies have the budget to hire full-time internal IT service departments. However, even if you have an internal team, they're often bogged down with day-to-day tasks. 

It's challenging for IT departments to stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends in the cybersecurity industry. A virtual CIO can help you stay competitive, whether you don't have an in-house CIO or are going through a staffing transition. 

How Our Process Works

Step One:

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Step Two:

We Learn About Your Business

We take the time to understand the needs and goals of your business. Our team can offer a more comprehensive managed IT services plan or a virtual CIO ala carte. 

Step Three:

Move Your Business Forward

Stay on top of your organization's technology with a virtual CIO. 

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Even with most of our team constantly traveling, we're able to effectively work and collaborate from anywhere. They're and provide us with the highest level of quality support that we've seen. Highly recommended!

Diego S. Ayala, CPE, CFF, CVA

Chief Financial Officer

EisnerAmper Is Here to Help You Succeed

Our outsourced IT team includes professionals who have experience in developing cybersecurity and remediation strategies. Plug your firm into the ultimate source of trusted information with our virtual CIO solutions. 

Our cybersecurity leaders will plan and manage your cyber hygiene programs. We'll bring a level of knowledge that can only be acquired through years of experience across various industries. 

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