Virtual CIO

Your firm’s cybersecurity and digital transformation secret weapon

Go from Exposed to Expanded with Our Virtual CIOs

The global pandemic underscored that the role of the CIO is vital to the fabric of organizational design and company culture. For example, if your company experienced a seamless transition to a remote workforce, you’ve probably already felt the powerful impact the CIO role can have on an organization. As we all shift to hybrid work models, implementing health checks, and consider employee well-being at every step -- the CIO role will continue to grow in importance.

Bring in Tactical Security Leaders That Fit Your Schedule and Budget

Our Outsourced IT team includes a deep bench of professionals that have experience in developing cybersecurity and remediation strategies. Plug your firm into the ultimate source of trusted information with our Virtual CIO solution.

Our cybersecurity leaders will plan and manage your cyber hygiene programs and bring a level of knowledge that can only be acquired by having years of boots-on-the-ground experience setting cybersecurity standards across various industries.

What Else Can a Virtual CIO Do for Your Organization?

Your Virtual CIO is available to assist you in evaluating new technology, running cost/benefit analysis, managing your budget, putting you on track to digital transformation, and most importantly, helping you leverage technology with the goal of growing your bottom line.

Who the Virtual CIO Solution Is Designed for

While some organizations have full-time IT departments and others outsource this function, one truth remains: the need for trusted information. With the day-to-day pressures of keeping your organization running, it’s unrealistic for you or your team to keep pace with and thoroughly understand all the latest benchmarks and technology necessary to keep up with the evolving threat landscape. If your organization doesn’t have a CIO in-house or is going through a staffing transition, the Virtual CIO solution is designed for you.

Your Virtual CIO Support


Rahul Mahna
Managing Director

With over 20 years of experience in IT, Rahul helps manage change and engender confidence in highly complex operating environments.