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Blogs December 04, 2019 Final Notice of Intent to Levy – How to Deal with it!

A discussion of the process and steps to take when you receive a Final Notice of Intent to Levy, including who you’ll be dealing with and the potential outcomes.

Blogs November 25, 2019 First Time Penalty Abatement

A discussion of first time penalty abatement (FTA) and the reaction to receiving an IRS penalty notice.

Blogs November 20, 2019 Potential Opportunities for Penalty Abatement

A discussion of circumstances that may open the opportunity for penalty abatement under IRS efforts.

Blogs November 01, 2019 Tackling Injured Spouse Relief

A discussion of IRC Sec. 6402 and the offset for the ‘injured spouse’ including the Form 8379, Injured Spouse Allocation.

Blogs October 21, 2019 Taking on the Power (Or Not)

A discussion of the two alternatives that can be used when practitioners interact with the IRS on a taxpayer’s behalf: Form 8821(Tax Information Authorization) and Form 2848 (Power of Attorney).

Blogs October 17, 2019 Currently Not Collectible – A Taxpayer’s Shield

The author discusses Form 433, one of the defense mechanisms for taxpayers from whom the IRS is trying to collect.

Blogs October 10, 2019 The Dreaded CP2000 Notice

A discussion of the process to follow when receiving a CP2000 notice from the IRS.

Blogs October 02, 2019 Benefits of a Collection Due Process Hearing

A discussion of the taxpayer’s process and each parties’ responsibilities in a collection due process hearing.

Blogs September 23, 2019 Expensing Inventory Under the Small Business Exception

A post regarding Footnote 465, which discusses using the de minimis safe harbor election of Treas. Reg. sec. 1.263(a)–1(f) to can expense “inventory” items when paid. Readers will receive basic instruction as well as insight into the process.