Tax Blog

Blogs January 17, 2020 Jeopardy Levy: IRS’s Most Dangerous Levy Action?

A discussion of the jeopardy levy, an action the IRS can use when they believe that collection of a tax is in jeopardy, and the appeals options for the taxpayer.

Blogs January 09, 2020 Use Tax: The Snake in the Grass

A discussion of use tax/sales tax, Wayfair, and states’ impact on companies’ returns and filings.

Blogs December 19, 2019 Ins and Outs of IRS Levies

A discussion of the conditions and processes surrounding the IRS levying property or rights to property.

Blogs December 16, 2019 The Intrusive Residency Audit

A discussion of the key planning and preparation needed to minimize the risk of being surprised by a residency audit.

Blogs December 04, 2019 Final Notice of Intent to Levy – How to Deal with it!

A discussion of the process and steps to take when you receive a Final Notice of Intent to Levy, including who you’ll be dealing with and the potential outcomes.

Blogs November 25, 2019 First Time Penalty Abatement

A discussion of first time penalty abatement (FTA) and the reaction to receiving an IRS penalty notice.

Blogs November 20, 2019 Potential Opportunities for Penalty Abatement

A discussion of circumstances that may open the opportunity for penalty abatement under IRS efforts.

Blogs November 01, 2019 Tackling Injured Spouse Relief

A discussion of IRC Sec. 6402 and the offset for the ‘injured spouse’ including the Form 8379, Injured Spouse Allocation.

Blogs October 21, 2019 Taking on the Power (Or Not)

A discussion of the two alternatives that can be used when practitioners interact with the IRS on a taxpayer’s behalf: Form 8821(Tax Information Authorization) and Form 2848 (Power of Attorney).