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Blogs October 14, 2021 How Can Directors Improve Corporate Sustainability?

It is increasingly more important for businesses to understand and adopt sustainable business practices not only for long-term profitability, but also to meet investor demands, as investors are more focused on environmental, social, and governance (“…

Blogs August 24, 2021 Does Guaranteed Income Provide a License to Spend?

As life expectancies increase, each of us should more thoroughly review retirement funding options including Social Security, pension plans, 401(k)s and annuities to help prevent the outliving of retirement income.

Blogs August 24, 2021 Understanding Accrued Expenses

Tax deductions related to accrued expenses can be difficult to understand. Learn about the three qualifiers of accrued expenses that need to be met before deductibility can be achieved.

Blogs August 11, 2021 Outdated “Responsible Party” Information May Slow Down Your Tax Refund

Identity theft and fraud issues present security issues, and therefore slow things down. The IRS is urging corporations, partnerships, trusts and estates and other entities with EINs to update their information if there has been a change in the respo…

Blogs August 09, 2021 The QLAC Delaying Strategy for RMDs

A qualified longevity annuity contract (“QLAC”) can delay at least a portion of a retirement account from being included in the RMD calculation, thus acting as an inflation hedge.

Blogs August 03, 2021 Understanding the Basics of Annuities

Understand the basics of annuities through a summary of the most popular, including: single premium immediate annuities, deferred income annuities, qualified longevity annuity contracts, multi-year guarantee annuities, fixed index annuities, and vari…

Blogs July 20, 2021 The Mega-Backdoor Roth Conversion

Learn more about the mega-backdoor Roth conversion, which is an after-tax contribution plan that can offer some unique retirement benefits.

Blogs June 25, 2021 IRS Collection Procedures Webinar Draws Interesting Q&As

A recent EisnerAmper webinar on IRS Collection Procedures yielded some interesting questions surrounding the collection stature period, offers in compromise, appeals and more.

Blogs June 25, 2021 Mid-Year Business Leader Survey Features Surprises

A mid-year survey of business leaders covering key concerns, potential tax hikes, employee retention, business transition, and technology.