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Integrity Oversight Monitoring is an independent, third-party oversight and compliance service focused on the prevention and detection of fraud, waste and abuse.  

Integrity monitoring consists of applying a multi-disciplined set of traditional accounting and financial statement analysis, fraud detection and prevention, risk assessments, internal control assessments, forensic accounting, internal audit, and private investigative services aimed at detecting and preventing instances of potential fraud, waste and abuse.

Our Integrity Oversight Monitoring teams of forensic accountants, internal auditors, and industry experts, have assisted companies and public entities in identifying fraud, waste and abuse during a project’s life-cycle, thereby limiting or eliminating the need for future forensic investigations.  EisnerAmper’s forensic, litigation and valuation professionals have extensive expertise providing integrity monitoring and compliance related services to public and private companies, not-for-profit entities and governmental agencies across many industries, including construction, financial services and insurance.   The range and diversity of our experience differentiates us from our competitor firms.  We apply a risk-based management approach to an integrity oversight monitoring project to address the specific needs and circumstances facing each individual client.  This highly customized approach allows us to better assess and address your specific needs. 

EisnerAmper’s professionals can also effectively manage full service integrity oversight monitoring teams, which oftentimes includes a team comprised of our forensic accountants and internal auditors, as well as private investigators and subject matter experts across a wide range of industries.

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