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Today's litigators are presented with formidable challenges as a result of new and inventive methods of crime stemming from computer fraud. 

High-Tech Investigations and Computer Forensics

In meeting and conquering these challenges, we offer innovative methods of discovery and expertise in all types of computer-related investigations.  We offer a range of services that aid in preserving, collecting, and analyzing information from digital devices.

  • Computer Forensics.  We perform all aspects of traditional computer forensics work from preservation and collection of data on storage media to analysis.  Our team of certified forensic experts uses a variety of different tools that allow us to find the best fit for the matter at hand.
  • Cybercrime Investigations.  Our team performs extensive investigations of intrusions into your systems -- whether by internal employees or external parties -- and help determine when, where and how the activities occurred. 
  • System Failure Inquires. When a system fails our team can aid in determining the root cause analysis of how and why the failure occurred. We will help determine why the system broke apart, whether it is a software project in development or a running legacy system that suddenly starts sending bad data.
  • Disaster Recovery.  After a disaster has occurred -- whether man-made such as arson or accidental deletion of servers or natural like a hurricane or flood -- our experts are there to help recover and preserve data from your systems and assist you in bringing critical systems back online.  
  • High-Tech Investigations.  We have a deep knowledge of the technology industry and have worked on various matters to include source code theft or copyright violations, contract disputes, theft of online businesses and various employee misuse and misconduct investigations.

Throughout the investigative process we use industry-recognized standards and techniques to ensure our processes are thorough, repeatable and defendable. We help guide our clients through the technology components, their capabilities and weaknesses and aid in the identification of where risk is present. We collect data and information using our well tested methodologies and meticulous documentation to preserve data in its original state and maintain a chain of custody. At the end we can provide expert reports and expert testimony, as well as remediation to help mitigate future undesired activity.


In addition to imaging hard drives, we offer a complete range of services for finding and analyzing electronic documents, databases, and computers within a litigative or investigative context. Combining technology expertise with diverse dispute experience, we apply a project- and risk-management focus to our eDiscovery process. With our full team of forensic accounting and consulting service experts, we can help you save your clients significant time and cost, as well as increase the accuracy of discovery.

We provide end-to-end assistance to law firms and corporations throughout the entire eDiscovery process, including unique and customized services to meet your needs:

  • Pre-Discovery Strategy and Planning 
  • Hosting Using Various Platforms
  • Automated Document Categorization 
  • Assistance with Unsupported File Formats 
  • Mobile On-Site Processing
  • Customized Software Programs 
  • Secure Processing and Review in a Closed Network
  • Document Review Support

Data Analytics

Our complex data analytics group has extensive experience in dealing with massive data sets within the context of corporate disputes.  We typically perform analysis across millions, hundreds of millions and even tens of billions of individual transactions on a single matter.  Through performing analysis across all of your data, our data analytics methodologies allow for the elimination of estimates, extrapolation or sampling and will provide complete results and totals through the creation of data warehouses and the utilization of data mining.  We utilize a variety of different software tools, databases, and programming languages that allow us to build a customized process from our clients’ unique needs.

Our comprehensive Data Analytics Services have included: 

  • Claims Management. Primarily used in the dispute context towards class action lawsuits, bankruptcies and settlements, claims management deals with the identification, management and disbursement of funds to numerous individuals.
  • Damage/Exposure Analysis. We analyze transactions in a litigation setting to aid in assessing damages owed to or by the parties. 
  • Fraud Evaluations. Our professionals analyze data from corporate financial systems to identify anomalies that may be the result of improper transactions or fraud. 
  • Corporate Investigations. We analyze data, typically from accounting systems, server log files, PC log files, and various other sources aggregated for analysis to a centralized data store, within the context of an ongoing investigation.
  • Royalty Audits. Transactions and methodologies relevant to the licensing of technology, works of art, processes, copyrights and other transfers are reviewed to determine if royalty payments are compliant with the terms of the contract. 
  • Business Intelligence. Our professionals use their insight and experience to analyze trends or patterns amongst clients, sales, products, regions, employees, inventory, Internet traffic, etc. 

Bankruptcies & Receiverships

Our professionals have extensive experience in providing support services to companies in receivership, trusteeship or bankruptcy. We have worked within numerous industries for distressed firms by providing specialized information technology as well as operations support from executive management down to staff level. We provide services from inception through liquidation and have helped firms in securing assets, maintaining operations, analyzing data, rebuilding financials and regulatory reporting, investigating allegations of fraud or misuse as well as liquidating assets.

  • Administering Systems
  • Securing Information
  • Operations Support
  • Information Preparation
  • Document Review
  • Identifying Creditors & Liabilities
  • Balloting & Claims
  • Claims Management

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